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Cool Old School Pump PMI-Sheridan LB! Some Ups!

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Found this Oddity at a Old Antique Shop. It was this, a mask, 9oz, and a Talon Ghost all for $15... So I go to PBN, and they say its worth about $100-$130. They also told me Id get more action here. First I thought it was a P-12, but then I heard it was a PMI Sheridan LB. I never was for Pump, but at that price I couldnt refuse... I just played with it today. Works great.. (Got 3 People out). Averaged about 250 FPS on the Chrono, and I have NO idea how to adjust the Velocity. So, Im passing this great deal onto you. Ive had 2 crap offers ($20, and the other one was 1500 Rounds of paint). I wanted a bit more than that. I have an idea what I want, but dont want to post it. It has Very comfortable Wooden Grips, Which say PMI as you can see from the Pics, What seems to me to be a 2 Peice Pump Arm, and a Sight Rail which I removed. I can also throw in the 9oz Tank with Butt Stock. Feels very solid, and shoots great. Right now, I have a PVC Stock Class Style Tube (Holds 16 Rounds), But was planning on making a Metal one in the near future. As you can see, it has some wearing to brass on the Pump Area and the very top, but that is covered when and if you put the sight rail on. I will Gladly get more Pics and even possibly a video if you really needed. I will take Cash, Money Order, and Maybe Paypal.
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you must post a price. no fishing for prices. it's the forum's rule.
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$75 OBO
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**EDIT** Something must have hung up somewhere, the photos are working better now...sorry.

How did you remove the site rail? Was it the plastic kind that slide on/off from the rear of the marker or was it the metal kind that was glued on somewhere?


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Could you by chance take some better more clear photos for us?
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More Clear? Umm... Like of anything Specific...? Ill get some better ones right now... (I thought those werent bad... :

And the site rail was a Black Metal one that was very crappily Gorrila GLued on there. I got it off and cleaned up the glue, and may put it back on or put a scope/red dot site on just for kicks...

Also, I have an offer of $75 Shipped. I didnt say yes or no yet, but Ill let the offers come in for like a week more.
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This is not an auction or PBN
if you are asking 75.00 sell it for 75.00
Those games are not played here either.
Again, check the rules

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Rules Post:

In case you didn't see it.
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Half of those rules make no sense whatso ever. I didnt post a price, And then I did. I put $75. So those rules are saying that if someone says $75, and I said for $75 someone can have it, then someone offers me $90, I have to take the $75 cause thats what I posted?

Well thats too bad for you. Im selling it on PBNation... God you guys have weird rules...
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