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Family photo, even if it is briefly for a few days:

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wow!! tell us about that k-framed marker on the bottom!!

Featuring Death!!

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That little collection is gnar.
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Thanks!! Unfortunately I need to trim it down

As for the k-framed PUG, she is brand new, just got her 2 days ago. Went straight from Palmers to D.Sergison.

Hopefully I get to take it out this weekend. Works really well testing her out, just one little kink. But it has a great balance in my hands and is really solid.
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Sorry, that's classified.
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my new toy. 2k5 superstock, benchmark single trigger slider w/ shoe, brand new, straight-from-the-shop freak barrel, 50rd hopper (took a bit of sandpaper to squeeze it in there). Came with the stock pneumatics, cost me about $320 altogether (counting the barrel)
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only picked up yesterday and needto finish her off
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This was my first official marker rescue. I picked up most of this at EMR's Pumpers this year, mostly for the frame. It was a mess, caked with paint and god knows what else, and needed to be loved again. Being the whore for Nelsons that I am, I couldn't resist at a whopping $35.

Took it home, cleaned it up, and threw a few things on. Summary of work done:

-Cleaned every inch
-Swapped out valve for beat up, sanded old dropout valve
-Replaced stripped out bolt screws with Retro 7 bolt arms, whipped up some valve set screws for old school style
-Added lonestar grip
-Added pump return spring
-Gave it new springs to shoot up to speed

When I got it, it had no grip, and a crappy little 1/8" npt out the back valve. All of the screws were rusted pretty bad, and it had a thick coat of filth inside. In retrospect, I really should have taken pictures. It was quite the sight. The internals were literally black with gunk. After cleaning:

Tough to see, but it does say Lapco. Full stainless adjustable bolt, fluted hammer, and #6 powertube. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

To the best of my research, I believe it's a Wintec Nighthawk. I have no idea of the bore size, but it shoots great with my leftover marbs. I dare say it's also smoother than my Buzzard! I plan on hanging on to this as my "sleeper" pump, it shoots that good! This thing also seems to have sparked an odd love of old nelsons, and now I have a Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe on the way to keep it company
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Just picked up a new (to me) Bushmaster Deluxe from my teammate for $70 came with stock(?) barrel and a carbon fiber barrel w/ a delrin sleeve on it, and I'm going to pick up a constant air grip frame for it off of my teammate I got this from.

Also going to buy a new barrel for it that's freak bored and ported, or have those two things done to one of the barrels I have for it already.

Closer pic of left side:

Pic of right side:

The two barrels that came with it (top one is carbon fiber, and has a Delrin sleeve on it):

Showing the weave on the carbon fiber barrel:

Sorry for the crappy lighting and phone pics, it was the best I could do at the moment :/
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My resurected nelspot:

Yes I have the peice that goes on the end of the barrel as well, but it doesn't fit anymore with the powder coat and I haven't sanded it down yet.

Was pretty rusty when I got it, power tube was so gummed up the valve wouldn't close anymore, pierce pin seal was toast, but cleaned overall cleaned up pretty good I think.

I've only had a chance to take it out once, and it was shooting around 240 with all stock parts. and ~30 shots per 12ie.
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