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So they said all the external pieces were done a while ago right? So those are going to the anno guys and I'm assuming they will be finishing the internals whenever the machines function well enough to do so. I doub't that's going to happen before the anno process then the first internals would most likely go into the finished anno'ed bodies.

And all that means I won't be expecting my raw body to be shipped first.
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That stinks, I won't get to use the marker until business slows back down around september..
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well Andy, at this rate, you may not even get the marker til after monster game...
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starts off small at first
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for the love of Velcor. This is almost hall of shame worthy.
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In before the lock? I think we need some more substance for this thread, maybe some sort of game per post

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I personally wouldn't have a problem if no one posted till they had an actual update...
(yes I get the irony of me posting this...)
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I think the next 2 weeks need to go by fast..
"gamer565" as on PBN/IOG/
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Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post
I like bacon
me too...
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I want one so bad.
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