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What, no Susan Coffey anymore Chubs?

I'm not sure if the Hyper 2 is going to work very well for you. Cockerpunk was saying that his sweetspots at about 600 PSI, and IIRC the Hyper 2 doesn't go that high. If it does then great, they are fantastic regs.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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Well here is where im at - Threw the set up all together (KP - Hyper 2 reg - Hybrid ASA) and took it out of the house with my chrono.
The Hyper 2 reg is allowing it to work perfectly fine. Now i messed with it a little and had some very consistant chrono readings with both my .686 back and even the Stock barrel.
That being said i was using old paint and saw some jumps and drops here and there. Now im assuming that dimpled balls and it being small enough to roll out is not the best paint to dail it in with.
So im gonna take my .686 back into the shop tomorrow and get some fresh paint w/good bore match to really dial it in.
That being said - I DID see some really consistant readings when the paint was matching up so i will let you guys know how it goes with new/better paint.

But back to topic the Reg seems to work fine with it being mostly all the way (open?) bringing the fps around where i want it. (280-285 range)
I saw that hyper regs online say the pressure range is from 50-450? Let me know if im wrong.
Here is a pic for now as well
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whats the difference between a magna valve, a ported magna valve and the stock kp valve?
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Sweet KP, I used to shoot one like it. Grab a single trigger frame for 30 bucks. You'll thank me later. The only problem with KP is you sorta hit a glass ceiling. At least I did with mine. When I sold it I had a karni reg, lurker barrel, azodin on off, single trigger frame. It shot great, +/- 5 fps on a bad day. Even with all those upgrades it couldn't be nearly as smooth as my S5. Nice little guns, efficient but loud as crap. Not a whole lot you can do for the pump stroke though, and no A/T. That's why I moved up eventually. But still great markers. My suggestion, embrace the fart, no one cares, why should you? It's also really efficient out of the box, so I never messed with springs.

Edit: my shot very well with a Karni reg without too much dicking around. I had the 2011 version so newer internals maybe?
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I kind of regret trading my KP for the CIP v2 Sniper I'm using now. Was using a Freak kit for the barrel and I can verify how much better the marker is with matched paint.

I'm surprised that other people just put up with the farting noise when it's such an easy fix. Grab a Bic pen, chop off about 1/4" and put it behind the spring on the plunger. I'll grab my daughter's marker and post some pics later today if you want.

Also, don't waste your money on the TechT bolt. It looks cooler but in practice, I really didn't notice any difference using it.
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