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when playing stockclass for the first time in years after a summer of mech play, you start gigling like a girl when sliding into a bunker. Further giggling ensues upon shooting out several other players. 80s bushmaster deluxe for the win.

when you decide that keeping a dedicated sc gun around for fun sometimes is worth it.

when you buy new to you pump gun and immediately start figuring out if it can be bored for inserts to stop rollouts and increase 12g efficiency.
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when you have to hit the field alone because your friend couldn't afford the 3 cases of paint he shoots per day
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When you hear whispers about the pump guy. And can smell the fear!
When playing semi feels like cheating.
Trying to pump the lpr on your cocker.
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Ole' Papa Pump
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When you get taken out during the game (being the "pump guy") and the guy who shot you makes it back to the club house and he is bragging to EVERYBODY about taking the pump guy out and could care less if he captured the flag or not because he took out "the guy with the pump"!
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When you look at that 16 year old kids weird when they ask you how it works.

Today took my kids to play some speedball with the local team. Everyone there plays with high end electros and their ages are from 16 to 22. Anyway, I wanted to play some pump with my kids so I broke out the Bushy. Everyone was looking at me weird with the exception of an older guy that knew what I had. Anyways, after a few rounds one kid approached me to ask me if he could use it and play a round. I was a bit flatter that this 16 year old took some interested on it. Then I got stumped when he asked me how it worked. There was a short uncomfortable silence with a WTF stare at him for a moment, but I explained it to him and I lost my Bushy for the rest of the day.
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When you duck away from a guy unloading 2k rounds and wonder when he will run out of money.

Can't figure out why he never runs out...
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when playing with a Kingman eraser is too fast for you.
when you can pump two PGP's at the same time
When you can hear a valve or spring problem and thing "I can fix that"
when you see a gun stock and think "Hrm....would that fit on my gun?"
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When the only gun my 4yr old wants to fire is my pump - so proud of him!
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banned when you use your pump and forcing you to use an electric or nothing...

happened my 2 scenario game last weekend... so sad...

By the way, I hate the X7 phenom, it's pure crap, ball eater, time stealer... so expesive for nothing...
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When you go to a big game buy a bunch of paint and decided no matter what your gonna shoot semi all day. After ya first out ya switch to pump anyways. Me and my sister always share paint so when I inevitably always switch to pump I just tell sis too shoot bit more LOL.
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