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Nelson (phantom) Tuning Consolidated?

Alright, i have been looking at tuning up my phantom, and starting to play again. I have been digging through the threads, searching etc... the genreal stuff i have come up with iss

~29g hammer
#6 power tube (which one fits the phantom P or no P?)
bored out velocity adjuster screw thing(sorry its late)
proper springs and even a rear reg(gasp)

Though i cant find one item, someone had made a brass piece (want to say it was a 9mm shell casing) with holes drilled in the side to help with reducing liquid doing something we dont want... cant remember where it was located, and its function, just that it helped.

Was their anything i missed? and any copy/paste or direct links would be great.

It can be pain full wading through 40+ page posts!



p.s. sorry its late, ill clean this up and any links people provide
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There is a #6 powertube made by lapco? but it needs to be cut down as it is too long
The TPC... well there is two versions the one you are talking about is the one from ASP\Air Soldier Products he done that mod. I just can't seem to remember how it works. The other is an update that Mike did. He placed a oring on the velocity adjuster so that it wouldn't wiggle loose.
Fine tuning can be done a couple of ways you can play with springs and add a regulator to increase efficiency and another is to get a barrel kit
I know who you are reffering to but can't remember his name.

Everything that has been mentioned falls under the cci thread that i have linked for you.
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Oh man, i forgot the cci sub forum.... though I'm still not finding the thread...

I guess this really should be moved to the cci sub forum. Really was to late for me to be running a keyboard....

Thanks for the heads up and the info!

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