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Originally Posted by ves206 View Post
Then u have to pay for the inserts on top of the boring if u don't own any.
I have a Freak kit for my Axe, but the little nub where the pump arm attaches to the pump/hitman plate rubs the barrel and I already scratched it (grrr) but I have the inserts I use most, so this isn't an issue.

Originally Posted by gospeedgo1 View Post
Nail polish, electrical tape, or fishing line detents.

No barrel kit? Improvise!

Originally Posted by Tick View Post
nail polish is the ticket, bro! one drop...let dry and try it...don't over amp it! run a few through it and see how it is...may need one more drop!
I tried the tape trick, going to try that tomorrow, I like the nail polish idea, just wonder how long it takes to dry and how it will hold up against a squeegee ?
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Originally Posted by ves206 View Post
Lurker 678 barrel. Believe there 40$.
I agree, coming from e tape detents the Lurker is in a whole different league. Well made, minimalist design that looks classy on almost every gun.
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The new DYE CG paintballs are will not get roll-outs with a .685 bore...a bit more money, you have to purchase paint


Lurker .678 barrel $40.00
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