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Whatever one you put great paint in. spend the money to shoot a high end ball.
Really any gun that you are comfortable with, add great paint, and a great barrel.

I love my t2 though. Fits me perfectly. I have owned it for years now and never considered selling it. I go through a lot of guns but have continued to shoot my t2. It always goes to the field.
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I would say any rf cocker but it's all personal preference. I liked Illusions too.
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Originally Posted by PhileyOFish View Post
I would say any rf cocker but it's all personal preference. I liked Illusions too.

Illusions are nice, very, very smooth. It might be the smoothest pump I own. Mine was never that consistent over the chrono and is sprung heavy from the factory. It's more of a back block cocking Spyder Pump then a Sniper copy. The springs give it a heavy pump stroke. It's also loud and not to mention you can't easily get parts. It always felt like an extension of me and I had no difficulties with it. I played with it as my primary for a couple years.

I like it a lot but a nice Sniper is IMOP a better way to go. An illusion makes a nice addition to a collection of pumps. I don't think I'd want it for my only pump. I still think first time pump players should get a Phantom or a Sniper.
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I really like "muh phump". But to be fair, I only like it with FSR. So I'm guessing it is a bit off-topic. And any chance to show off my custom work is appreciated. Btw, that teardrop barrel is really nice.

If I only had the money, I would get me a phantom and do this to that. Which was my original plan, but this ended up being about 300USD less....
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This is MCB we have higher standards than that! Go post that drivel on PBN!
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p68sc... but I might be biased even better with a few upgrades. I've had more luck with brass than aluminum
Chaotic Creations Ltd. ---currently buried in work!

looking for: aga62's, working spyder rocker trigger frames, working ATS lowers and parts, brass sheridan donors/bits, camo SP wood grips for cf frames, havoc launcher, high output 4.5k regs

happy with me?
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