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Sniper on liquid CO2?

I finally got around to building myself a sniper, and I kind of like the idea of running it on liquid. I've got a pretty basic 2000 WGP body and valve.

Anyone done this before? any particular difficulty/problems in doing so?

Obviously I'm going to have to change my springing around, but is there anything else I need to do?
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What kind of setup are we talking about?

Unregulated co2?
Siphoned Co2?
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Running liquid is hard on seals and shortens their life-span. Snipers handle it better than Nelsons.
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1) A big white cloud giving away your location every time you fire the gun.
2) Reduced number of shots per tank.
3) A cold, sometimes frosted, sometimes "sweating" gun.
4) Moisture and dry ice in your barrel, messing up your shot. (think spitball)

You'll try it, and decide that it's not what you really want. Running vapor has its problems too, so if you go that route anti-siphon and regulate is a must for optimum performance.

Palmer's (Palmers Pursuit Shop) knows the "secrets" of CO2, and can set up an anti-siphon tank and a "Stabilizer" regulator for your gun. You'll never look back. They can make CO2 run as good or better than HPA. Definitely worth it in places where HPA isn't available.
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My understanding of running on liquid, instead of freezing the bottle, you end up freezing the marker primarily at the valve. I've run liquid before through a 98c full auto (3lb co2 tanks feeding) and the only parts of the marker not iced over was the back part of the stock, grip, upper hopper and trigger. I was also completely encased in my own cloud...

I have toyed a bit with 3vdc and 12vdc heater heater wraps but haven't made it to the stage of wrapping the body near the valve and barrel.

I would imagine constructing a barrel and shroud similar to what BOA did could cut down on the Co2 cloud.

Then again, with all the fun of running on liquid, a palmers setup would be easier and does rather well. Just run the marker on as low a pressure possible since as the temp drops, so does the pressure of the co2.
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My unerstanding,

With Liquid you want internal air passages before the valve to be as small as possible in order to keep the valve flooded and keep efficiency up.

You don't have the best starting platform to do it.

It can be done and has a lot of really cool advantages especially when playing in the cold weather.

If you decide to go through with it. Good orings, and tune it to keep the valve open (Dwell) short,and probably best to run a siphon tank right off the vertical ASA.

Big plus you can look forward to are consistency no matter the temp.

If this is more about wanting to try liquid CO2 than it is about improving your Sniper than I'd suggest getting a Montneel Z.

If it's about Improving your Sniper in the cold It might be just as easy to get an Anti siphon tank to run off the bottom of the grip or trying a Vertical tank. I've set up lots of guns to work in our cold Vermont winters and would be happy to offer more suggestions if you want them PM me with details of what it is you are having a problem with or are trying to do.
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Your living in Ontario? Where abouts (rhetorical)? The reason I'm asking is that these days, being in Ontario as well, I find it a little hard to find places that fill C02 or that fill C02 properly. What do I mean by properly? Basically that sometimes when they say the tank is full its not cause they don't have a scale or they just don't know how C02 works (she's a tricky bitch). This is more an issue if your not wanting to spend much. Just something else to consider
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Sorry about the late reply. I've been really busy over the last little bit and actually forgot about this thread.

I'm basically hoping to make a relatively lightweight setup that I can use in the winter that's as consistent as possible. I'd use air, but none of the tanks sold around here are compact enough for my liking.
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Originally Posted by CB103 View Post
I'd use air, but none of the tanks sold around here are compact enough for my liking.
How compact are you after? There are 13 and 17 ci tanks.
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