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The joyride is nice. The problem is, there is nothing to stop it from riding up if you have a smaller waistline. It looks like a stock sock or wrist harness would be your best bet.

A leg harness can be restrictive and make it hard to access paint and 12ies when prone (same with a chest harness).

I recommend the WTF gauntlet. It may be a bit out of you price range, but its worth saving for. Best $60 spent IMO
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I have tried almost all rigs and I go back to my pockets. 12 grams in the front pockets and tubes in the back or if wearing carpenter pants the side pocket. Seems to work for me.
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I like my LC-10 for small games where there isn't a lot of running, feels very natural to grab tubes and replace them. The downside is that I hate sprinting with it.

Have PBMafias capless wrist harness as well, pain to put on and get comfortable, but super fast reloads.
Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
i play pump because the electronic triggers hurt my feet (i shoot my toes)
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Originally Posted by RusskiX View Post
... I got a simple shotgun shell holder (that goes over a rifle stock) and wear it on my forearm for 12ies and just used the LG-10 for paint.
Same here. I've been using this wrist harness to hold 12 grams for years. Simple and works. I broke my hand years ago too and it helps as a wrist brace as well.

I use the Joyride and I love it, after years or trying to get cheap. It's exactly what I need. I don't mind carrying the extra paint on the field, I basically don't reload the harness all day.

This is what I use for a dump pouch. It's perfect. The elastic opening is always easy to find and it opens up from the bottom to empty. It's been discontinued, but you still see them around. I found one the other day at Sears in the automotive department.

Case Logic Black Litter Chute: Auto Electronics :

I mean seriously, someone should make one out of camo and sell it, with a belt loop and a leg strap ( I modded mine like that).
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I decided the joyride is the way to go but I'll hold off on it for a little while since I spent over $400 today at my local pb shop lol. For now, I sewed elastic loops onto a baseball belt and run a 2 pod harness in the back of it (slips right in, perfect slot for the belt) for rocking a couple mini pods for my snipers. And it's PERFECT for my 50 rnd hopper mod I did here -> pocket hopper 10 round feed - Pump World - Forums Sorry, there's only one pic you can see of the hopper. I also got a couple shotty shell holders for a stock and am going to use one on my right forearm for 12ies, the other I have plans for. I'm going to cut the molle strip and sew it on another elastic strip sideways to hold 10 rnd tubes vertcle on my left arm or small tank
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Ever since I started consistently playing stock pump, I've felt the joyride was one of the best things I've ever bought.
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I really like my JT Racing stock class suspender and PBmafia LG-10 combo I've got going nowadays. Still looking for a good dump pouch to finish it off.

I absolutely love the LG-10. I think I've had mine for about 5-6 years now and it's still going strong. Biggest complaint is that the 12 gram loops make getting the middle 4 tubes out a real pain and as RussikiX mentioned it's easy to lose the 12grams. That problem can be mended pretty easily with some elastic but in the end I stopped using those loops altogether.

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I use an LG-10 for SC play. It works great.

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