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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Not really with a SC marker the feed is horizontal so the initial benefit is gone in less than a few shots. However back in the day the tactic that was used was to have a few 3 or more guys AT to pin an opponent in place while 2 or more would take more accurate eliminating shots.

You will notice the "Navarone Advantage" not associated with the marker ceased to exist once the AT was released to the masses. This in turn marked the end of Navarone as a super power.

This opened the door to the likes of the original Ironmen where "Freight Training" became the new buzz word. Sure one can shoot a thousand balls a game nowadays and anyone can become competitive almost over night. But the true tactical genius's of the sport faded with the invention of speedball.

There just isnt anything like old school 15,10, or 7 man pump ball.
Yes, bring back the 15 man pump tournaments.
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Originally Posted by Heebs View Post
You have serious problems Himura. I remember when I first started buying guns I would oogle your collection.
Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
I'm sad to say I've rejected some pretty choice poon before. Sometimes little Mayvik (brain) gets the better of big Mayvik (peen). I blame it on the a..aha ha ah...ah ah alcohol.
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I've seen one of the saltier guys at my field AT someone with his Buzzard. It was awesome...
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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
actually Line SI was the first company to invent auto trigger thus only allowing their teams the unfair advantage of the use of superior fire power. It wasn't until the following year when someone allowed someone not so sponsored to look under the hood of their si that LineSI made the AT avaible to the masses.
Nope sorry wrong on that one Nelson invented the AT function for the paintball world. Due to the fact that too many sears were being broken by weekend warriors who had not a clue as to use the OO7.

Gun held high by Navarone was done with OO7's long before SI was a wink.
Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
Paintball is a game of honor, play it that way!

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I would ask you to check your facts but I know better. I just remember it that way. I remember discussing the issue at length with Marty Bush of the original Ironmen.
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Wow, this thread really ran away from me, but i like the direction it took! Thanks for the historical elements, i think they're neat! So is the consensus that AT belongs on pumps with a hopper? Or perhaps sc with a feed capacity greater than 10?
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Originally Posted by B View Post
Gun held high by Navarone was done with OO7's long before SI was a wink.
I was gonna say ... not much point to doing that on a SI gun.

As for the original topic, I could see AT on an SC gun being useful when bunkering.
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