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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
How abot buying a dream board and fit it to the Eframe? Any video of a CCM frame and dream board working on Sniper?
Scenario Dreams sells boards for Eclipse frames. Scenario Dreams, LLC
I am sure one of the boards will fit a CCM frame.

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Well I think I'm actually going to try this. Jcurt is half blocking body for me. Won't be anything special to the extreme. Good thing I have extra parts laying around.
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Originally Posted by A.C. Basbas View Post
As near as I can figure, you wouldn't need an A/T cut rod...

I'd approach it by having an eye or a pressure switch inside the pump handle itself, and hook it up like the eye on an eCocker. That way, you could set it to full auto, hold down the trigger, and pump away with it firing whenever the handle completes a full back-and-forth cycle... The board would need to be re-flashed, but still...

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You can't slap the board into a CCM frame as suggested... you need the pancake solenoid, unless using an MQ. A CCM frame could be modified, but it seems overkill.

Unplugging the eye makes no real difference, as there's no cocking solenoid, and the logic only uses the eye to control the cycle. If, by any chance, you outrun the frame ROF, try lowing the CON, COFF, COV, and CDEL times a lot. Say, 01 for all of them.
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If the pancake noid can fit in the CCM frame and retain functionality, then you can wire in the tiny little scenario dreams board and rig a microswitch behind the trigger and call it good.

Honestly, you're better off just dealing with the double trigger on the eframe. Too much hassle if you ask me...
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Well I'll find out soon. The body is at home waiting to be put together.
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