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Originally Posted by xwiredx View Post

Do you personally mount those in the pump handle?
Yes. Works marveously. Keeps the pump stroke light and fast, but still allows for some return tension such that the bolt won't flop open and double chamber a ball. When I'm ready to shoot, I simply keep the pump handle held forward (which is why a hitman mod is so great, b/c then you can keep your thumb hooked around the vert reg/tank/12g and the rest of your hand keeping foward isometric tension on the Hitman arm).
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I just love being able to kill absolutely every living thing in a small room, including myself.
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
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Originally Posted by Pumpoison View Post
I think that's just preference, alot of the tourney players like to play tighter though, and I think moving the gun above you lets you do that
how you gonna shoot people if your gun isnt pointed at them?

It really all depends on what type of paintball you play....if your playing pump with xball/speedball guys then that 1/2 second is the differnce between getting run down or a trade....or even just shooting sombody getting sloppy.

however if your playing a more slowpaced scenario/woods deal you can get away with letting your gun come down.

with semis there no reason for your gun to be down can keep it on target in any situation....
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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
I never let go. Both hands are always on the gun and pump. Just point it down and creep around to bunkers. You can even run that way too.
It isn't hard. Pump is not new to paintball. I always aim with one hand on the grip and the other on the pump.
I have to agree with Blackrain -- I never let go of the pump handle. If I'm crawling, I hold the gun from the pump handle with my thumb resting against the frame (plus, its cocked and ready for a shot in that situation)

And if two chamber, as someone mentioned, I let em off in the target's direction

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i've been toying with the idea of putting a set of magnets on the back of the gun (one mounted in the body, one in the back block pulling on each other) but the only cocker i have is half'd with no concieveable way to do it. (if someone want to donate a body to try this out, i'd do it for the cost of shipping

i was thinking of setting them into the body and back block just enough to epoxy over them so they don't slam together or anything (would also keep them from locking together, as i was going to use the neodymium (sp?) "supermagnets" in the 1/8th" round by 1/8" long variety). comments, suggestions, donations?

EDIT: i just ordered the magnets can't wait! now i just need to find a suitable cocker body..... i'm thinking a older style body (the one with the slot cut for the pump arm on only one side of the body would do nicely for starters can't remember the proper term)
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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
thats why i bring my own balls. and if they dont play nice, i play with myself.
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