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Originally Posted by casper View Post
Go stainless, the anodizing wears off those aluminum pumparms.The pumparms are held in by grub screws in the pump handle,you may need to file a notch where the screw makes contact with the rod.This will keep it from backing out.
I have a t2 and sm1 the sm1 is a better over all value,you can order an sm1 with no reg or grips or asa for 257.00.No,the pump stroke on an sm1 isn't as good as a t2.I hear that he will have some more karni front asa's ready soon and an auto trigger assembly.The sm1 weighs more than a t2 by a few ounces, sorry I had a guage on the reg ,with no guage it was the same.
I like the hand velocity adjuster but would prefer tool adjusment,it could lead to some I hate to say cheating issues and yes it has a lock ,but most fields out here require you to chrony on the field so I keep a tool on me.Milling is awsome but the anodizing was done in 2 batches,I really wanted a desert camo one but they were black and desert camo.The dust one I have now is basically 2 shades of dust black.Efficancy wise it is very good.The trigger is awsome and I can say IMO better than the t2.
While I love my t2 I love the sm1 I got it off the nation for $200.00, got a no name torpedo reg $19.00 an xsv gas thru duckbill $10.00(apexcivic)already had grips.Compared to a t2 it is a great value.They both have features that are great one has milling the other is simple ect...

thank you very much, i think you have sold me to buy a sm1
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Just picked this gun up from PBGateway. Its a cool gun, but there are a few things on it that I could do without.
First and foremost. Its too light. I know. I know. "What!!???? Too light!!???" Yes, too light. I mean, its like air. I like some "meat" on my guns. I dont want a "tank", but this is featherlite. For me, it could gain a pound or so. Second is the grip frame. Too thin. Granted I have xl hands, but with the frame you are limited on grip options. I cut out the wrap around part of some Virtues and used them as panels. Good enough. The built in dovetail mount I could also do without. I like the option of adding my own stuff, which, I still can. It just looks funny with the xtra dovetail. The trigger frame design I like very much aside from those two things. Its smooth and I like the larger than normal trigger guard. Next is the pump handle. Faaaaarr too small. Dimensions are: H-1 1/4"
W-1", L-4 1/2". There is just simply nothing to grip onto. Its like pumping and old BE Ninja, before they redid them. Id like to see the pump be more like 2x2x5". Thats still small. Finally, the dual pump arms that have the "guides". The problem here is that it doesnt allow for any play in the pump stroke. You must pump straight back and straight forward. Because the arms are "guided" it causes unneccasary friction. I like the dually arms, just not the guides. Aesthetically speaking, this is a looker. I like the finish as well as the not over the top milling. Its a great looking marker. I'm playing with it for the first time this weekend. I'm expecting good things on the field from it.
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starts off small at first
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I sure after you get to use it a bit, it will really start to grow on you. I felt the same about my series5. Thought there was more than I wanted, then I saw it for what it really was once I began to dominate. Gave me the edge I needed against the "Dark Side".
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I played with it(sm1) today at davis pump day and my t2, it fits me better than my t2. I don't know what to say!!It kicked chicken over the chrony just great!!
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