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I have one and use it thing to becareful of,don't use quick release caps with it if you plan to do alot of crawling or sliding,they tend to pop open too easy.
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Thus with mine, I only have quick-caps
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I got one in August and I love it. I do not use it to hold my 12 grams though. I seem to loose them when I do so I wear a Ronin wrist CO2 holder. Other then that I do not have any complaints.
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used mine for over a year now! i love it!

it feels weird to wear my paint on my backside now ...
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I have one too. I don't play SC much anymore, but it's a good harness. It's padded under the tube holders.

I have had all of my 12ies fall out once when I was basically crawling frantically from an ambush. Otherwise I've only had one other fall out on a run. I don't do much sliding though.
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I have one. It's rad.

It does give you a more exposed hard point versus a joyride pack. I had cross field long balls, that would normally be bounces off the leg, break on it. I wear it on my left leg so on breakouts I try to go left as much as possible.

The loops stay open so you don't need a dump pouch if you can spare the second to jam it back in.
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I want one. I heard there was trouble with landing on the harness during a slide though. True? I'm not too crazy about my Rhinotech harness (good harness, I just don't like the way the "suspender" style feels), and have been really considering these LG-10's.
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im pretty sure my wife got me oe for V-Day. If so I will let you guy know how it is next time I play.
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