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Sterling Stock Class STP or a Lapco Grey Ghost

I have an A5 and am not digging it totally, wanting to get into pump, just asking your opinions on what to get,

shanks, Cody
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I think this needs to be posted in the Want To Buy section.
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I don't know what you're talking about, ctza. He's asking for advice.

They are both nice guns. If you are looking for an open class gun, I'd say go with the Sterling hands down. It has a smoother autotrigger and can be easily switched to hopper feed.

The Ghost would be my choice for a Stock Class gun. It does everything a VSC Phantom does, with little improvements here and there and all at a very attractive price and with a little exclusivity.
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my bad...

i thought he was wanting to trade his a5 for a Sterling or Grey Ghost.

If i were you i would buy a Phantom VSC. Mainly because there are now abunch of aftermarker parts you can put on the Phantom. If your interested in going Stock Class but your not quite sure if you want to dump over 300 dollars on a marker...then the Phantom VSC is probably the way to go. Also the Phantom is lighter than both the Grey Ghost and the Sterling. The Phantom is my personal favorite only because the marker is soo darn easy to maintain and repair.

I've fired a 2008 Grey Ghost which is a great Stock Class marker. The Grey Ghost is limited though,there isn't much you can upgrade to that marker. Although if your buying a mid-end VSC then you probably don't want to do much to upgrade that marker to begin with.

The Sterling is another good marker. It's pump is smooth,and it you can use the AT when your feeling threatened. The only drawback about the Sterling is that it's made in England. Which means accessories for that marker are rather hard to come by. Also the Sterling has it's own type of barrel thread...I don't think i've seen many aftermarket Sterling barrels.
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well, i dunnno. I have a VSC and had an opportunity to shoot the New STP. It's light and smooth like hell. almost crazy smooth. The new ones use spyder threads, so no problem here.
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Originally Posted by rogalxxx View Post
well, i dunnno. I have a VSC and had an opportunity to shoot the New STP. It's light and smooth like hell. almost crazy smooth. The new ones use spyder threads, so no problem here.
agreed. I loved my STP. Very smooth and sleek, and spyder threaded. Only gave it away cause i knew it wouldn't get much use from me.

Of the two, go with what Russ said, it depends on what you are looking for. Straight SC then Grey Ghost, hopper, then run the Sterling.

Personally i have a big distaste for phantoms. They are too light for my taste. Everyone and their brother said i should get one, i bought one with all the fixings and hated it. It was faaaaar too light for my tastes, hence why i now shoot brass and carters. If you like light then phantoms are nice....but if you want heft avoid them.
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Yeah,i've heard people complain about overall weight of the Phantom.

Which i can understand,but if your a very mobile front player like i am then the Phantom is a good candidate. If i'm looking to weight myself down then i'll use my Carter Buzzard.
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Having had both the STP and the Ghost I would recommend the STP for the starting pumper. The Ghost is a great marker but compared to the STP it is very limited. LAPCO has not really come out in full support of the Ghost with a direct feed in place of the SC feed. If you get the STP barrel bored for freak inserts than it is quite nice. I had a Python compression kit for mine, Spyder threads for these barrels as previously mentioned, and it shot quite well. You can easily convert it over to direct feed with 1 screw being taken out to change out the feeds. This forum has quite a few airsmiths that can mod them out nicely too! Noxx has made some really sweet looking aluminum undercocking kits and BigOldSkool made up a really sweet delrin one for me. As far as being from England, that is true and it has the metric threads for its air tubing. The airsmiths here have been able to rethread them for standard threads, heck Rainman added a Mag vertical air adaptor to the one that I had.

The Ghost is a refined Phantom with its slick sliding trigger and nice grips but still does not offer a whole lot more than the VSC Phantom does in my opinion but I really enjoyed mine while I had it

For a new player wanting to only play SC I would still have to go for some type of Phantom. If you are leaning towards using it in a variety of configurations it is hard to go wrong with the STP as it has most of the parts you need right out of the box.
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To sum up what everyone's said,

Do you want Stock Class or Open Class?

The Ghost, while I've not shot it, seems to be pretty attractive as an SC gun. Phantoms are too light, my Bushmaster is just right (except for that darn hopper), and the Ghost is more similar to a Bushmaster. It has a detent to prevent rollouts, too, and is Spyder threaded, if you can find barrels that fit through the pump handle well.

The Sterling, again, I've not shot, but I had an old Sterling. The barrel threading was my main gripe, but now they're Spyder threaded. Very, very smooth pump stroke. Trumped the Phantoms by a mile, and so it is probably smoother than the Ghost. It's capable of slinging some paint, fast, while it's design lets you be more accurate than with a nelson like the Ghost at high speed.

If you get the Sterling, you're going to need to get the air lines replaced, in all likelihood. The Ghost, you can't use a hopper on. The Ghost will probably be more "pointable", while the Sterling will be steadier (due to the weight).

The Open Class/ Stock Class is the big issue, though.
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Sterling! And get a barrel kit for it.

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