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review of that new kaos pump

Before I start this review want to thank Eric for sending this marker out to me, he is a first rate guy who really wants to help open up the pump community.

Now to the review, this is going to be a “first impression” review and hopefully the first of three reviews.
The second will be after I get the chance to beat the hell out of it for a couple weeks.
The third will be a comparison of this pump and other “starter” pumps around this price range.

Packaging: the package is little more than a cardboard box, but it’s still more than I expected at such a low price tag. The box looks nice but it’s not something I would suggest keeping the marker in.

Manual: I would put it on par with any other manual on the market. It not only has all the information that you will need but it also looks strong enough to handle life in the bottom of a gear bag.

Parts kit:
a solid little kit with 6 o-rings, 5 screw, 4 allen wrenches, a couple detents, and a cup seal. The only thing I would like them to throw in are some spring for tuning the gun because Eric at Azodin told me that it is not compatible with any other springs on the market

Barrel sock: looks cool and is vary strong. I do not plan to test how many shots it can take without braking but it looks like it can handle the beat down of regular use (and the occasional noob moment)

Feel in the hand: I would describe the KP as extremely solid. The only parts on this marker that are not aluminum are the grip panels, the bolt, and the eye covers. It is not overly heavy but it does have a good heft to it. It relatively well balanced and with a tank on it you don’t even know how slightly front heavy it is.

Pump kit: one of the best features on this gun is the pump kit. The pump handles is just a little bit bigger than the new wevos under cocking kits for the phantom. As for the kit, it is very well constructed. It uses only three setscrews and the bolt to hold the whole pump handle together. It is much easer to take apart than any other pump kit on the market at this time. It also comes with a snappy and light pump return spring, but only playing time will tell how long the spring will hold up under constant use.

Pump stroke: the pump stroke on this gun is one of a kind. I would describe it is a little long but with very even pressure. This is good because when you’re trying to fire multiple shots in rapid succession any binding or changes in the pump stroke will cause the marker to lift up. The first 1/8th of an inch all that you are moving is the bolt and the pump kit. For the next inch, you are actually pushing the hammer back and setting it on the trigger. the aluminum handle gives the kit some weight witch helps to smooth out the pump stroke. Honestly, it’s like no other pump stroke I have ever felt and I honestly like it better than all of the snipers I have owned.

Feed neck: the feed neck is very similar ones on the Kingman VS series of markers. It twists to tighten on the hopper. The body is had the same thread as the Smart Parts Ion, so it is compatible with any ion threaded feed necks. i am planing not to change this because i am going to be using a small gravity fed hopper and it seems to hold it vary well. i would only suggest change it if you are going to be using a larg hopper or if you are going to be taking the hopper off very often.

Trigger frame: Before I talk about the frame, I’m going to explain the importance of a single trigger frame for the people who may not know. When you are shooting a mechanical semi, a double trigger allows you to get more leverage resulting in a higher rate of fire. But when you’re using a pump marker it is better to have a single trigger because it allows you to get a better grip on the marker. With a single trigger frame, you can place three fingers on the bottom side of the grip and one on the trigger giving you a much better grip on the marker. The more sturdy your grip of the frame the less the marker moves when your pumping. As you can see, the KP comes with a double trigger frame. with a most double trigger frame you must put only two fingers on the grip frame and two on the trigger., resulting in less of a grip on the frame. This is one of the disadvantages of this gun, but honestly, it’s not as bad as it sounds. There is plenty of room to put three fingers under the trigger guard and place you’re trigger frame on the bottom half of the trigger. At the bottom of the grip there is an integrated dove tail and holes for a standard screw pattern so almost andy asa will fit

ASA: the ASA, the part the bottle goes in for those who don’t know, is a simple screw and go. It is tilted downward at a slightly angle. This is to stop liquid CO2 from getting in the marker. It is more than adequate for everyday use.

Barrel: The barrel is a rather simple autococker threaded one peace. It measures in at 12 in, and it has a medium amount of porting. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is a vary large bore. I had paint in it that is about a 686, and I could see light on all sides. the only thing I really loved about the barrel was the detent system.

Bolt: the bolt is an o-ring less well machined and made of deron. It comes well oiled from the manufacture.

Triad ball retention system: it uses a similar double detent set up as a timmy or an ego to stop double feeds in the breach. At the barrel, it uses three groves with an o-ring stretched around the groves creating a second set of detents to stop balls from falling out of the barrel after the KP has been pumped. Azodin calls this system the triad ball retention system and there is no other pump gun out at this time that has a system like this. I have only had the chance to try it with a couple kinds of paint but it worked perfectly.

Anodizing: on the marker I received, the anodizing on the trigger frame is significantly lighter than that of the other parts of the marker. this is the only part of the KP that reminds me that it is only a one hundred and fifty dollar marker. I am hoping that not all of there markers are going to be like this. Other than that, the finish is even and looks great.

Final thoughts: a marker at this price range and of this quality had been needed in the pump market for some time. With the bad economy more and more player are starting to play pump everyday and one of the most commend questions in the forums are “what is a good starter pump”. Well my friends from now on my answer will be the Azodin Kaos Pump. It has every aspect a new player could want and so much more. It will run on CO2, it is ease to maintain and disassemble, its shoots phenomenally, it uses only standard parts so it is easy to upgrade, and it only cost 149.95.I don’t want anyone to think that this is only and entry level gun, this marker keeps up with and exceeds many other new pump on the market.

ill post new pic when the sun comes back out

Post any question you guys have.


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how's the pump stroke? Trigger pull? I love the idea of the O-ring detent system...
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Hows the bore size of the barrel?

Edit: You should also make a video
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what's that thing on the winchester hopper? a condom? :P lol
the pump handle seems to be tiny? How does it feel?
My feedback
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Looking forward to your review.. and I would like to know if the pump stroke is smooth
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Originally Posted by rogalxxx View Post
what's that thing on the winchester hopper? a condom? :P lol
the pump handle seems to be tiny? How does it feel?
I thought the same thing. Rough rider
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YouTube - Azodin Kaos Pump (KP) Paintball Gun @ PSP Phoenix

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there it is guys
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Wow, that is a very well done review.
Made me want to buy one hahah

thanks for the info.
let us know what you think after playing a couple of games.
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all new pics guys!
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