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Pondering about Pumps

I have decided that I want to buy a nice quality pump. I currently own/use a Azodin KP(might sell) and a Trilogy that I'm currently making into a pump. I would like to hear opinions/facts/reviews from the masses of MCB about any and all pumps. There are some things I won't budge on, like color, and some that I'm flexible about, like weight.

Things I Won't Budge On
  • Must use HPA
  • Must be new
  • Must be efficient- Must be more than 100 shots on a 68/3000 i.e. better than my Tippmann
  • Must not look like a rainbow threw up
  • Must be open class or easily converted to open class
  • Must feel good- If it feels like extremely bad hangover, I'm not going to look.

Things I'm Flexible About
  • Weight- Anything under 10 pounds and I'll think about it.
  • Size- Anything smaller than a tree will work
  • Price- Under $600 unless it is overwhelmingly recommended.
  • Type- I don't care whether it's full body, half, micro, tube, or spatula, as long as it's a pump I'll be happy.
  • Complexity- I can learn how to take most things apart in under 10 minutes.


I would rather not get a Phantom simply because that is just about all the pumps we have at the local field besides 1 Sterling, 1 Autococker, and a couple Azodins. I would also rather not have another Autococker pump. I've heard good things about CCMs, PPSs, and I've used a buttery Sterling, but are there any other companies I should know about? Websites would be much appreciated.

Pumps I'm Thinking About

I would like to know what people think about these and what the differences in feel are.
Series 6

And that's it for now.

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there are countless threads detailing the pro's and con's of the guns you have listed aswell as extensive reviews and videos and also many many "what should i buy" threads, please read through and search in this forum and read the stickies in the pbn pump forums to get started then ask the specific questionsthat you have that are not answered previously

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Brass and Wood Fan
theres sheridans... i cant say how they work though because mine is still in pieces...

theres pump mags and... well.. its a mag [/story]

thats all i can think of off the top of my head... well except cockers... and CCM's are still pretty much cockers....

and i would strongly reccomend CCM products....

Originally Posted by Bagels View Post
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Don't neglect the Palmer Pyre!
Originally Posted by dukie View Post
There is a fine line between MCB and the crazy hobos.
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I like my Pyre. It's smooth, compact and the AT can be quiet fast. Barrel availability is slim, though.
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Yea, sounds like you want a CCM marker, or a pyre. I can't comment on a sterling as I haven't used one before...I'm gonna go on a limb and recommend the T2 for you.

And I lol'd at this part:

"Must not look like a rainbow threw up"
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^ hey that isn't funny
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Pyre... or CCM.. or even look at the SM1.
As for the barrels for the Pyre, you can get a .686 and .690 both with widgets and they will cover any paint.
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You know what, all the Internet "analysis" in the world will fall way short of actually trying them all out yourself.
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go with t2 its great
ans has some decent markers too
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