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Micro Phantoms perform very well. They are generally just as accurate. The big problem for most people including me is that they are hard to aim, because of the short barrel and the feedtube on the top. The nice thing about phantoms of course is that if you don't like the micro version you can change out parts to your liking.

Check out the Phantom catalog I scanned to see ALL of your options from CCI:
Phantom Catalog pictures by slowerpig81 - Photobucket

Some things I recommend:
.45 Grips (Comfort and aiming)
Acrylic feedblock so you can see your balls in the block (very helpful IMO)
Detent rings
Spring and seal kit (for springs and spare parts)
Trigger Shoe (for comfort)
If you go vertical air, get the gauged air option.
Sight ring, might as well try it
Also consider acrylic pumps and feedgates if you want to see your anno flow.
And of course, a custom anno.

Originally Posted by FORT View Post
Exactly, for me the detent rings and the stock barrel work perfectly, but that if because I get decently sized paint most of the time, its still an overbore but not so much that freak inserts are neccesary. If the paint I got was extreamly small as in your case I would definatly pick up some freaks.

And another thing, if you use the 10 round feed with the dropout valvebody, the feedgate pushes against the changer, so your feedtube cannot be parallel to the barrel. Not much of a problem, but I found it annoying with my Micro, I solved it by shoving a piece of folded paper in between the back of the feedblock and the body so that the tube was angled enough that it wasnt touching the changer.
You can also cut the tube shorter or remove it altogether and just cram 10 round tubes into the feedblock, the opening is tapered to allow this.

As for detent rings, if necessary you could contact a machine shop and order some detent rings with a smaller ID. Just measure the rings with some calipers, and ask for a specific ID. If you were going to make your own you could even get them in stainless steel for added durability. To ID (identify) them you could have a laser engraver engrave the ID (inner diameter) on the outside edge (if they can't engrave numbers that small, just do single pixel marks and have them correspond to a key).

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If I remember correctly the Dropout changer is integrated into the valve so for me to get a new body on it I would also need to get a new valve (assuming I did not want to run 12 grams). Phantoms do indeed seem to be amazing. Lets say i got a purple and silver acid splash anno done, would the pattern and look of it be repeatable in that if I later bought a new body or something it would have the same look as before?
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If you're going to do a custom anno, figure out all the pieces you want and order it all at the same time. I bought an orange/black tiger stripe 2nd hand, then decided that I wanted an 8" barrel. Although it's close, you can tell that the "after" purchase is a little more reddish then the original. Fortunately, I got the right hand feed and t-stock that were anno'd originally when I bought it. When I put the 11" barrel back on, it all matches perfectly. Maybe things have changed since I bought mine (late 90's), but I was told back then that the anno's are close, but to make sure they match, get it all anno'd at the same time. Aloha!
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love mine when i had it... i sold it to help pay for a medical bill ... had that situation not happened im sure i'd still have it
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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
@egyeager: get it in black or silver. If you decide you hate it, odd ano is difficult to sell. It's also easier to match accessories in standard colours. Check this silver Duckslide Phantom:
Pump Gun Picture thread
Thanks for the advice! However I find the idea of me selling any one of my guns somewhat off putting. I have a feeling that even if I dislike the gun somewhat at the time my tastes vary so much sometimes in shooting style that I might as well keep it around.
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