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I hate rainman so much!!! His work forces me to clean the grubby finger prints and drool of my markers from local on lookers.. I spend more time cleaning the guns than using them!!

There was this one time I had to hit a kid in the head with a stick because he drooled so much on my ripper 2.5 I needed to tear it down and clean the insides!

AND MAN!!! Dont get me started on this attrocity..... the anno is so flawless I cant convice myself to sell the gun to wanting customers! Pffft how is a man to eat when he falls in love with guns that he meant to sell in the first place... a man cant eat or pay bills with gun lust!

BAH! Look the guns shiny anno even ruined the picture! Thats not green to black fade thats my lawn!

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I saw Roberts Mini Emag in person, and it blinded me with its beauty! I'm suing, i want compensation for the damage done to my retinas!
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Gah! I hate Rainman's work, now i won't be playing with my other markers for weeks

It gets worse, while showing it off today, people told me i couldn't bring it to the next game because it would be an unfair advantage

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I like checking this thread when I'm feeling down. It always seems to get a smile on my face with all the funny comments. :P

Making paintball fun again

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Oh yea laughing boy, wait till my next comment. You'll have so many haters the work will just keep coming.
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I hate his work so much that I put a voodoo curse on his magic CNC machine....

oh, wait, that's not funny, that just plain sux. Sorry dude.
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My cousins are all old ugly skanks. My sisters, however...
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I hate rainman also. whenever i enter this section i always want to spend money, and get jealous. DAMN YOU!!
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Originally Posted by Flatline's Up! View Post
I hate his work so much that I put a voodoo curse on his magic CNC machine....

oh, wait, that's not funny, that just plain sux. Sorry dude.
You wish you could claim my curse! (Seriously, though. That does suck.)

Friggen Claudio. Actually went and built me another pump Rainmker! Why did he do it you ask? He's a cruel and sadistic man. He knew the effects that would have on me! That marker has consumed my existence with its amazingness! Ya know what? To top it off, he friggen addad a vertical adaptor! I mean, c'mon! Now I don't want to play with my Raced 'cocker anymore! Bah.
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he couldnt do more work on my nasty spyder body!!! so he sent me the body, after i paid him for the work!! man that man is not like pun or doc!!!!!! i dont want to tinker with anything else !!!!! (and i have pumps...and i dont wanna tinker with them now that i have Nasty Spyder!!! waugh!)
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rainman, that jerk, just made it near impossible for me to ever use my duckslide again. he just made the anno too damn nice, I'm afraid to blemish it. its so shiny, it's hypnotic. I suspect its the first step in his evil scheme of world domination.
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