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Location: nj
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Well for starters I like to say thanks to all the people I got to do work for or have bought stuff from me.

With that said. Here is what's going on. I'm being laid off form my job in the next few weeks. (2 to be exact). And I think it's time for a a fresh start somewhere other then new jersey. So I'm packing up the shop thing for a while. At least till things settle down. Not sure when that will be or where. Most likely Florida. At least that's what the wife wants.

I know I have 1 thing form someone here. All other things that were to be shipped have already. If you think I have something of yours pm me to see.

aka Rainman229

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Sometimes you have to take the chance and just start over. It was rough, but over time you build back. It's a slow process.

Stay in touch. Don't be a stranger. Let us know what is happening. Drop me an email or PM any time. Enjoy the Sun Shine. Nice fields in Florida

Take Care,
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Thank you!

I appreciate all that you've done for me by listening to my cries with the automag pump. I truly am grateful for the creativity, expertise, and willingness of talented machinist like yourself. I wish you and your family the best as you up root and journey to greener pastures.
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Location: jerzzeeee shore!

sorry to see you go, (don't blame you) even though denville is a little far for me...
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Hurricanes in Florida. It would be nice to have an air smith in California. Good luck
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Location: victorville ,Cali

We really could use a Rainman229 in Californa about now..Best of luck..
WTF,why would i trade for that?

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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
We really could use a Rainman229 in Californa about now..Best of luck..
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Fan of EMR
Sorry to see such a stand up airsmith take an indefinate break.

So, out of curiosity what kind of position are you searching for?
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Location: Georgia, US

If you relocate to Florida then I may ask you some questions about a project I have. The best of luck to you and both of your products I have purchased from you have been awesome.

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Good luck, Claudio!
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