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My new toy with CCM 86* frame, CCM VF neck, and Rainman's CCM modified UC pump kit. It also has a Freaked out barrel and a modified Sporty/Revshot. No name for it yet but it'll come.

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sorry about the lighting

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a little unibody action. Still undergoing major renovations but the pump kit looks great on it really emphasizes the fact that its just a tube which I want to do

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UC Kit on the left
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Rainman's Undercocking on the Phantom.

Unconscious Incompetent: You don't have enough knowledge to even realize you can't perform a given task.
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Unconscious Competent: Eventually, after enough practice, the given task will become second nature and it will no longer feel "uncomfortable".


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Rainman Phantom UC kit with extra long CCM pump handle

Pictures of the pump kit in action:

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My Odd Pump Mag:

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^^^Very cool idea for the spring loader and shoulder stock type thing. once installed in the collar, are the pod/loader thingies stable enough to use the pod as a stock? is there any wiggle or potential for too much pressure messing up the connection between pod and collar?

very frickin cool idea!
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