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Sheridan Equalizer Rebuild Kit Preorder

Hi everyone. As a warning, all of the pictures are linked to keep bandwidth down on the providing sites. Thank-you.

I'm trying to repair some of these older rifles due to their rarity, and uniqueness as a early Blow-forward rifle before Sheridan's demise. I live almost literally right next to a rubber and plastics distributor. I am going to make a couple of the gaskets for the valve body out of some heavy grade rubber. I will also release an O-ring kit to accompany it for a rebuild. Some other miscellaneous parts will be included, but they are still of great importance. If you know anyone with an old Equalizer who wants to bring it back from the dead, please ask them.

Even if you don't want the Equalizer anymore, this way, you can sell a working paintball gun and it should be worth a little more now that there will be a reasonable supply of replacement gaskets.

This forum is a Preorder, as these parts are not readily available, however they will be soon. I am looking for anyone else who will want one so I can offer them up to owners. Please post here to reserve a kit or however many. You may also request specific parts and I can arrange that. I will PM you when the orders ar ready and then you will get a Paypal invoice.


Shipping will be Standard USPS First-Class $3.50 at most(Shipping weight will be calculated closer to the release). The price of the kits should not excede $22.50 (this price is an estimate and is subject to slight change). This means on a bad day, the highest you would be charged for this gasket will be $25.00. Prices are again, subject to change, and large orders will receive discounts.

This kit may seem expensive, but it actually is quite useful for a user capable rebuild of this classic marker. It includes all user replaceable O-rings (One reachable outside the Regulator unit). The Rubber fingers from the feed neck. And the Bumper for the bolt to prevent wear on the power tube.
( Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 )
For those of you who don't have it. The manual, which only seems to be a 4 page blown-up schematic and a parts list. is available in JPEG format here.
Thanks to Ian at for doing the research some years ago. The orignal photos were procured through Benjamin Sheridan himself.
The Pre-order right now is a chance for you to help me (The broke, and somewhat jobless individual here on the forums) produce a reasonable backlog of these repair parts for the future use of this wonderful marker.

I'm looking for numbers and anyone willing to help take the financial burden entirely off of me. I'm currently getting prices fixed up and I will be producing the first couple and making sure they work. I have a Equalizer that has no gasket that will be the first to be fixed. I have a working one with a good gasket to make the exact copy of.
I want all of you to know this won't be the only thing I intend on producing here for MCB. Funding this will help me work on other project for other markers, however, I just really want to mod the heck out of this marker first.

After this pre-order is done, I will have a stock of repair kits. I'll start repairing Equalizers since Sheridan is no longer in existence, and Crossman doesn't seem to know a dang thing about paintball. Their valve is unique and I have yet to meet an Air-smith who still works on them. I'll be warranting any repair for one year.
I'm actually angry my brother refused to take me paintballing when I was really young. I got into the sport later in my life. It wasn't really until a friend started doing it more often that I finally had a reason to do something more than fire off rubber rounds in my backyard at a tree.

I've been admiring from the sidelines a lot. Most who know me, I'm at the fields putting peoples markers back together right before a game, and then it's to late for me to prep myself. I don't even ask for anything. I don't yet have any paintball-related certification. I hope by 2012 I'll have a nice Valve & Air-smith certification.
Thank-you all for reading. Thanks even more for caring.
Please, Don't Forget the Feedback!
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Did anything ever come of this? I need that blasted valve seal if they are available. Thanks!

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He has not logged on in a year, so you might not hear back from him. I admire you determination for this.
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