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HOEPER 08-24-2012 08:36 PM

Clean KP2 SOLD!
This is one I thought I'd be hanging on to for a while, but for the amount I play it's just taking up too much closet space. When I bought it I was told there was an air leak. I have not aired it up, much less pumped it for fear of blemishing the great finish. A Palmer's seal kit will be included along with an additional Mad 12g face seal. Call it a beginners project. There is a bit of pump wear but the wood is spotless. As far as I know it is bone stock. Looking to get $425 obo shipped and paypaled. Any shipping to Canada will be via third party set up by the buyer. No trades please and disregard the bag, it just made a nice holder. Oh and remember to post then PM!
  • Update: If a buyer requests I can install the new seals and make sure there are no leaks before shipping.

HOEPER 08-25-2012 07:45 PM

May just hang on to this for a bit longer if I don't have any interest....

paintballsmrf 08-26-2012 11:48 AM

id be interested but i would need to do a partial trade or something. and i would want you to fix and a video to prove that it is in fact fixed.

HOEPER 08-26-2012 08:25 PM

PM sent. Keep offering away!

HOEPER 08-27-2012 07:40 PM

There is a bit of room in the price to negotiate...

HOEPER 08-29-2012 05:18 PM


HOEPER 09-04-2012 11:23 PM


HOEPER 09-06-2012 12:45 PM


HOEPER 09-07-2012 08:08 PM


davik87 09-10-2012 09:18 AM

If the marker is still for sale i will buy it lmk.

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