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Closet cleaning- all kinds of old stuff

Howdy all. I used to lurk here several years ago, so when the time came to sell off some of my collection you folks were the first ones I thought of. I used to be all about collecting old paintball gear, but as time went on I graduated college, and now no longer have time to even get out and play, much less actively collect old gear. So instead of letting my stuff simply gather dust in the closet as it's been doing for about two years, I figured it needed to go to some folks that would appreciate it.

First, a bit of general information on all the markers. Several years ago, I bought a large lot of antique gear from an older gentleman who was absolutely anal about maintaining and taking care of it. I sold off most of the markers a year or so ago, with a couple of them actually going to some paintball museums around the country. I'd love to see the rest of these recieve such an honor, but just going to a good home with one of you fine folks will be more than enough. After I bought the stuff, I aired it all up and even played a couple of games with it. After I went off to college, though, everything just sat in my closet. I just dug it out on my trip home yesterday, so I havent had a chance to air it up and see what works, what leaks, etc...I'll provide all the information that I can remember, and if you have any specific questions I'll do everything I can do answer them, or provide photos so someone else can help figure it out. As I write this, I'm airing them up with my nitrogen tank so I can let you know about any issues now. If the guns and gear dont sell here, then it's off to Ebay for them. I'm not exactly sure what current market value for this stuff is, so if my prices are way off base then please let me know. I dont mean to rip anyone off, but I havent really been up on paintball stuff values since I quit my job at the paintball store back home and moved to Nashville for school, which was just about two year ago.

I took a lot of photos earlier, far too many to put here. They can be viewed at: If you'd like any more detailed shots, let me know and I'll try to take them. Now, on to the stuff!

The first marker is an old Spyder. It's not a TL, or a Super Bonus Blaster 3000 or whatever the latest model is. It's just a Spyder. This was my first 'real' paintball gun, and has served me well for years. I bought it used, and it's always performed flawlessly. The trigger guard was sawed off by the previous owner to allow room for a two finger trigger. I aired it up and it works great- not one leak. It has what I believe is an ANS venturi bolt in it. I used to have the stock bolt also, but after moving a couple of times and the like, I have no idea where it went. I'll take 35.00 plus shipping for it.

Next is the first 'classic', a VM-68/ PMI 3. I -think- I bought this from a guy who walked into the paintball store with it and didnt know (or care) what it was because it was old and heavy. I aired it up, and it too performs abolutely flawlessly. I put an ANS single finger trigger shoe on it, and it has a brand new Lapco Big Shot barrel. I bought the barrel off Ebay, shot it a couple of times in the back yard, and put it away. The barrel has a couple of tiny little scratches on it from storage, but the VM is practically flawless. It has normal wear for a gun of it's age, but nothing major. The body has 'BB' engraved on the bottom, right in front of the grip frame, for ID purposes in case it was ever stolen. It has a SS braid bottom line, too. I'll say maybe 120 plus shipping?

The next item up I bought just because it's cool. It's an old AGA .62. A member here located several of these things at an old field somewhere in Canada,I believe, and I bought one. At one time I'd located a source for .62 caliber paint, but now I cant remember where it was. I believe it was in a Cabelas catalog, with the blowguns. Anyway- the AGA is an ex- rental gun, so it has a good bit of wear on the finish. The barrel/ feed tube assembly is still in pretty good shape, but there's alot of paint worn off on the sides of the 'cylinder' and above the trigger on the left side. The barrel has 048 scratched into it on the left side at the bottom, just in front of the little feed block thing. The same number is also scratched beneath the left side grip panel. I assume this was the ID number for it at the field. The 'hammer block' style safety is also gone. I just put a 12 gram in it, and it works. There's a small, barely audible leak that I believe is coming from the c02 cartridge seal around the piercing pin. It may need a new seal, or it may just need some lube. I dont have anyseal- friendly lube, or I would try it. I'd like the buyer to note that I will ship the gun with an -empty- 12 gram cartridge in the grip, because the left grip panel is held on the gun by clipping around the cartridge. I didnt send it pressurized. Anyway, I'll say 100 plus shipping.

The next one, and I believe the last functional marker, is a Sheridan PGP. I bought this from the original owner, and it shows. The gun is solid black, with an exteded feed tube on the back. The grip panels are black, with the silver and black "S" inlays still in pretty good shape. There is -no- wear on this thing, with the exception of a small spot on the barrel where the pump handle has rubbed over the years. It has an extended c02 changer knob, along with the original c02 knob. I also have the original owners manual for this 'Pursuit Paint Pistol'. I put a fresh 12 gram in it and it functions perfectly with no audible leaks. *EDIT* I just found out that I have the original feed tube plug that goes in place of the extended feed tube. This will also be included. Maybe 120 plus shipping?

Now, we're down to the project guns. First is most of a Brass Eagle Eagle .68. The body is broken The left side was broken in half, and has a small chunk missing as you can see in the pictures. The right side appears to be okay, with some sort of epoxy on the grip. I do, however, have two barrels and two sets of internals. I bought this with the intention of taking a machinist course and making a custom aluminum body for it. Not only did I not become a machinist, but I also just lost interest in the project. Does 25 plus shipping sound fair?

The last marker is a blue Brass Eagle Raptor. The body, barrel and grip frame are all in good shape, but either the hammer or sear is worn out. If you pull back and down on the cocking knob it will hold, but it wont re-cock. It just jackhammers. It's an easy repair, I just never felt like finding the parts for it. I aired it up, only to find that it has an air leak down the barrel. The valve stem is installed, so it may need a new valve seal, or an entirely new valve. How's 10 plus shipping sound?

That does it for the guns. We're getting into the miscellaneous stuff now, like hoppers. I have 28 or 29 old WGP Ammo Boxes. Yep. I dont really remember why I have them, but I do indeed have an entire box of what look to be brand new, never used, original Ammo Boxes. They say W.G.P. on the right side, and AMMO BOX Patent Pending on the left. They have four little plastic tabs above the fill hole to keep the balls from falling out. How does 10 apiece sound?

I also have an F2 Illustrator owners manual. I used to have an F2, but to be quite honest I dont remember if I sold it, or if it's in my parent's storage shed. I think I sold it. Either way, I still have the owners manual for it. Does 5 bucks sound fair?

Then there's the ICS tank pouch. It looks like it would hold a 9 or 12 ounce tank, and it's made by Idema Combat Systems. There are no rips, tears, or other damage. The blob on it in the photos is simply some old paint and some dust from being stored. I -used- to have the whole combat vest, but I couldnt find it. Part of me thinks I sold it. Anyway, how about 15 bucks for the tank pouch?

Also tucked away in my big green box is a Daisy Model 800 red dot point sight, complete with original owner's manual. I havent even tried to turn it on, but I'd venture a guess that it probably needs a new battery. 5 bucks?

VM-68 feedneck. This thing is definaltely aftermarket. The feed tube that the elbow slides onto it knurled so it'll hold better, and it has a little brass thing sticking up from the top of it. The anodizing on this is in good shape, so how about 10 bucks?

I also have a bolt, spring, and little allen head screw. I dont know what they fit, or if they even all fit the same thing. If you know what they are, then just make me an offer. (Photo 62)

There's a no- name red on/ off valve for a remote hose, along with a matching anodized red barrel plug. 15 bucks for both. (Photo 63)

I think the next little group fits an Illustrator. There's a bolt, two carry handle/ M16 style sights, an allen wrench, and some kind of plug. (Photo 64) 20 bucks for the lot?

The next item is really cool, especially for you stock- class guys. It's a collapsible squegee that fits into a 10 ball tube. There's a screw in one end that you put through a hole in the cap of the tube, and the entire squegee fits in the tube to fit into your harness. Extended, I would estimate it's about 16 inches long. *SOLD*

I also have a bolt and some springs (Photo 68). Again, I'm guessing they fit an Illustrator, but dont take my word for it. If you can tell me what they are, feel free to make an offer.

Now we're into something everyone loves: patches! All of them are in brand new condition, and show no signs of ever having been worn. There's one Pro Ball patch, one Pointman Pneumatics patch, and one Navy patch. These are Photo 69. I'll say fifteen apiece for the two paintball ptahces, and five for the Navy patch.

In the next photo, I have a plethora of paintball splat stickers and three Splatters patches. Splatters Paintball was a field in Beech Bluff, Tennessee, just north of Henderson. This was the only field in the area when the gentleman I bought all this from was playing, and they shut down sometime around '97, I believe. I may be wrong on the date, but I do know they were -the- paintball place in the area. However, unless you were somehow coonected with the field, that bit of history probably doesnt mean too much to you, so how about 5 bucks apiece?

Last but not least is a Major Paintball Super Sack. If I remember correctly, it holds a case of paint and is used to fill pods and hoppers. I bought it at Oklahoma D-Day in June of 2004, used it for that trip, and havent played more than a game or two since. *SOLD*

Contact: I can be reached by PM on this site, responses to this thread, and by email. My address is blakelbrown@comcast(removethisnospamsection).net That's the best way to discuss payment and shipping information and arrangements.

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Your knob in pic 67 is the original feed tube plug to the PGP.
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Almost only counts in horseshoes in handgrenades....
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Sign me up for the sack and the tube squeegee.

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Z50, I appreciate that. I'll go amend my post to include that with the PGP.

Drum, sent you a PM.
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