Rare, Old Guns This is a catch all sale forum for pump, double action, or semi auto's built prior to 1995 Old Parts for these guns are also welcome here

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Carter's Mega Gun Sale - Part 1

This is part 1 of a 3 part series.

Everything here is OBO, as I'm not up on the current prices for everything as I used to once be.

Shipping is not included with the prices. Since some of these guns are heavy, and I've got too many to try to figure out the numbers, we'll sell the gun at value or below value (I try to sell them for what I paid for them), and shipping will just be the actual cost. Most likely I can ship in a flat rate package, so a flat $10 or whatever it is now-a-days will suffice.

Paypal is fine with me. Due to the mass amounts of stuff here, give me a week or two to get them to you. I'll do it all as fast as I possibly can, but give me some breathing and packing room. Items will be shipped out as they're purchased. First come first serve.

Why? I need to raise some funds for some other projects and to get some of these items back into circulation.

PM for more specific information regarding the gun. As for working condition, 9 out of 10 times, I don't as I personally have not fired most of these guns nor ever aired them up. Therefore if you are unhappy with the gun when you get it, I will buy it back from you. I want folks to be happy and not think they got a bad deal.

68 Special - $100
Long barrel with raincover attached.

Apex Elite - $125

BE Jaguar - $70

This was once a rental, but is still in pretty good condition. Has the # 33 (very small) scratched into the side.

BE Mini II - $225 - PENDING

I spent years finding this gun... Still it's gotta go

BE Cobra - $50 - PENDING

CC Enforcer - $175 - PENDING

CC Enforcer II - $220 - PENDING

F1 Illustrator Express - $75

Kodiak - $170 - PENDING

Missing the pump arm screws... Never had them myself. Never put new ones on.

LED Angel - $150
Someone else here was interested in this gun, so he has first pick on this. I'll PM him about it too.

Micro Mag - $125 - PENDING

Micro Mag 2 - $175

Mint Old Style PGP - $100 - PENDING

New Style Grey Ghost Stock Class - $250 - PENDING

BE Poison - $60

Tippmann Prolite - I think that was it was... - $75

SI Promaster - $170 - PENDING
I'll have to look up the serial number, but it was lower than 20.

Rebline 115N - $150

Icon Rental Z - Red anno is faded a bit - $80

Semi Auto Rebline Kit - $125 - PENDING

SI Advantage - $250 - PENDING
Only about 250 of these were made. It is missing the hammer. I never got around to replacing it. The guy I bought it off of, conviently lost it just after I bought it, and before he shipped it. Grrrr. Anyhow, a very rare and cool piece.

Minty Line SI Bushmaster - $130

SMG External Line - $150

SMG Sniper - $250

TAG Barrel - Very rare - $90 - PENDING

TASO Stock Gun - $160 - PENDING

Misc Tubes -
Nightmare Long Barrel - $50 - PENDING
Kp2 - $80 - PENDING

VM-68 - $50

WGP Ranger - $150 - PENDING
VERY nice condition

White SMG $400.00 - PENDING

Just barely got it... but putting it up on the block. Comes with the rare speed feed.

WWP Razorback - $125

OK... So that will do it for now. Part 2 will be misc parts, barrels, tanks, jackets, etc, etc that I plan on putting back into circulation.

Part 3 will be the finale of stuff to get me down to the guns I really want to keep and be buried with.

I won't post part 2 for another week.
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KP2 tubes and Old School PGP for me, please!


Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I still don't get that.
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New Grey Ghost for me, PM me best price and your paypal address.

edit: PM'd you, I'm sure you're busy constructing your other threads and such.


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PMed about the cobra and the nightmare LB.
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I'll take the $125 Micromag w/out valve. When can I pick it up?
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Boy Carter
You are killing me with all of this stuff.
Originally Posted by El Gringo View Post
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My Sale

My Feedback
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Carter... why when i don't have cash... teasing me with those micros >.<

free up

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I'll take the Grey ghost if she ain't spoken for already
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smells good!
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PM on the enforcers.... and put me in line for the Ghost lol
Sale: Box of Lapco

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what stimpy said
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Stimps is the man! Not only does he smell his own farts, but he enjoys it at the same time.

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GG is mine gentlemen.

Carter, you've got funds!



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