Rare and Old Come across a gun older than 1994? There is an evil cult always on the look out for these. Post your finds!

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Vintage Paintball Rare early Paintball Mania Airsystem

Goofy Over sized HPA tank
Custom Cockers
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is that guy serious? "the back support guys would carry cases of paint onto the field instead of pods to refill during the game" lol
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I sold one here on a mag this summer. I actually sold two other large tanks separately as well.


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With a born on hydro date of 10/95, it is past it's lifespan. Anyone that gets it can't hydro the bottle and still use it. And it may be the large threads, so you can't use the reg on another bottle.
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I had a 114ci AA geddon' back on a Planet Eclipse (Bodied not just parts) slash mag I had back in the day (still kicking myself for selling it, its what made me start hoarding).

I ran a smart parts long drop plus AA large drop it was tall but it wasn't overly long anymore and it was nice knowing you don't have to second guess if you have enough air. Question is... did you bring enough paint

If you're not worried about a bit of extra weight and you get used to rotating your marker out to snap shoot a bit more then normal and not moving the tank much its not bad to play with.

Just no super man dives lol.
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