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Whoops, forgot to report in! Redux #22 here! <3 it!
Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?

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Owner 0018 here
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it's not brain science !
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owner of # 026 here .
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Originally Posted by Teimusan View Post
R019 is mine.

I got mine awhile back. I just never said anything.

I believe HaveBlue is # R017 not sure though.
Finally got around to checking - mine is actually #R014.
Air Soldier Products
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Extended Redux Barrel

Hey Chad- yours is finished and will be in your hands in a wink!
I sold the last Grey Redux today...... to a fellow MCB'er!! I'll let him post a photo of it! We did a SWEET looking customization at the behest of the new owner while he waited at the shop gotta see this! I hope he posts a photo or two tomorrow-- I need to make more in a week or so to sell- I have ALOT of prospective buyers- people who have waited more than 3 years and never lost interest. Amazing to say the least. Mongo
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mOngo did a great job in finishing mine in time for my B'day.
It's currently not S# stamped and now I dont want to let her out of my sight to have its umbilical cord cut.
Does that make me a bad Duxparent?

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Put me down for R021

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Originally Posted by drewkroeker View Post
A question from an unenlightened noob:

What makes a Redux or Desert Duck so great? I have used the search button and found out what they are, I just can't quite figure out what drives the fascination behind them (or price). Is it something where I would have to hold one and fire it myself to understand?

Again, I am asking this in total seriousness and not trying to start a flame war (although maybe asking a question like the one above on MCB is just that). To be fair, I would cherish an x-mag or something by AKA over any new electro that the pros are using, and the agglets on "the site that must not be named" would never understand.

Trusting in the patience and maturity of my fellow MCBer's,

Look at this post as see the picture in Shiba-Kun’s post:

Box Gun - Initial Review

They filled a need. Nelson based pistol improved on the 007. The back bottle 12 gram changer moved to the grip where it’s easier to load and the 10 round tube evolved into a Phantom style PB feed. Ergonomically they are probably the best hand held PB gun ever.

Tib 8 and Tippmann’s new gun are trying to play catch up for the semi’s.

Since these guns are rare and most hand built that they are so expensive. You can stick $100 (+) into a Nelspot 007 and come out with something almost as good if “pretty” doesn’t matter.
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