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Originally Posted by drewkroeker View Post
A question from an unenlightened noob:

What makes a Redux or Desert Duck so great? I have used the search button and found out what they are, I just can't quite figure out what drives the fascination behind them (or price). Is it something where I would have to hold one and fire it myself to understand?

Again, I am asking this in total seriousness and not trying to start a flame war (although maybe asking a question like the one above on MCB is just that). To be fair, I would cherish an x-mag or something by AKA over any new electro that the pros are using, and the agglets on "the site that must not be named" would never understand.

Trusting in the patience and maturity of my fellow MCBer's,

It really is something you need to hold in your own hands to understand. Most markers will shoot the same, as far as distance is concerned. You are mainly paying for the time and skill it takes to make one. All Desert Ducks, Redux's are hand made. The Kamikaze Shooter DD68, AKA the Desert Duck was created by Dave Loo, who is sadly no longer with us. Mr. Carter carries on the creation of the Duck, but will only make one if you ask, and make sure your wallet is lighter to boot. Steve Brett, known to most as Mongo, out of his love of the Desert Duck has spent a lot of time, energy, and money to rework it and create the Redux.

And besides you look like a bad *** on the field with one in your hands
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At first it was about the look, you see back in paintballs infancy everyone wanted their marker to look real. The DD68 not only looked the part it felt the part too. Nowadays its about "that retro" look but importantly its about loving sc and pump play. After owning and playing with mine I wont go back. I break out the TM 7 for giggles and payback but for the most part its just more exciting to stalk some one with only one ball in the pipe.

Its like driving a Mini Cooper S and loving it for years and all of the sudden you hop into a Challenger and can now never go back to a 4cyl no matter how fast or quick it was. Retro baby!

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Originally Posted by russc View Post

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R041 here.
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Necro-post incoming!!! Just acquired R018 from 2slow4me. Just figured I would throw it in here.
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My buddy PB Weasel still owns R018. And it's his primary.
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I'm proud to say that I'm the owner to my R010 ,bought from Steve(Mongo) and the only owner who will own it..
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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post

I understand IronChef97 sold R015 to Mar who sold it to Shadawg so that's FOUR owners on R015!

I will be the last barring an untimely death.

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Originally Posted by the_chemist View Post
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Redux #042 Here.
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I'm still super new to posting on any PB forums even though I've been playing since '01, but I guess that makes me the 5th owner of #015... sorry Shadawg... hey you're not dieing are you!?
Originally Posted by DSA View Post
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What do you guys say we do a serious revamp of this thread? alot of duxes have traded hands and I am rather interested.
Here is what I have so far: ? means I am not quite sure if they still own...
GillyMonster: No SN
mongo: ?prototype reduxes, sn PPP
C6squad: r005?
Lechooch: r009 (CtownCa)
Dm6rocker: r010 (extreme4life)
Short304:r015 (lrrpie-CT, ironchef 97, mar, shadawg)
PB Weasel:r018
Clearush: r022 (magoo)
weekendballer: r024?
Eddaka: r041
Phantom89: r042
BR: R043 (cjottowa)

People on the upcoming list:

Let me know if you know if you have any more or if you can confirm the ? or tell me if they have switched hands.

Here are my current paintball activities:
Pirranah SB restoration:
Comprehensive High end SC marker review/comparison:
Youtube Chanel:

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