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table top...

Flames of war, ww2 40K and that includes the price...not cheap but it has an amazing amount of want to play gebrigsjager or a volkstrum or LRDG you will find it..but you will pay for it...alot of minis and alot of books to buy..

Also picked up Bolt Action, ww2 squad based skirmish...28mm, primarily infantry but has some AFV's Havent played yet but rules look good after reading the minis They have a newly released starter box set and army sets available with more releasing soon.

I am also playing Iron Ivan Games Disposable Heroes/Coffin for seven brothers as a ww2 ruleset... GREAT set of rules and i can always use the minis from Bolt action (and other 28mm vendors)

You also might want to check out Dust tactics (and its wargame rules, Dust Warfare) Board game and tabletop minis...awesome stuff, WW2 with mechs.
Scratches that ww2 and sci fi itch. minis are high quality and fairly inexpensive. REALLY into this as of late. already know about...can ALWAYS find someone to play here...while I have kind of sidelined it ATM I will always keep a space marine army around...the new ruleset is ok but to be honest, i have been into Dust lately so i havent given it much of a chance.
However as you already have an army....not a bad choice. Its as expensive as it has always been...

Kings of War/Warpath (mantic games) really impressed with this company, takes care of their player rules, minis are high quality, ruleset is written by some old school 40k writers....inexpensive compared to 40k by a long shot.

Warmachine...had a small army, sold it off quick...didn't get into it.

MERCS small squad based infantry (5 models)....don't need alot of minis, or room for that matter, no vehicles though.

I hear good things about Malifaux and infinity also but haven't played them myself...

alot of great stuff out there right now..

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Now that was a lot of good info... even I want to look into some of that.. even though I'd never get a chance to play!
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The best I can echo is the advice that you should see what others in the area are playing. It REALLY shrinks down your search. 40k is basically everywhere but FOW/Infinity/Mali are all still kicking around.

If you really enjoy Warmahordes but there are three guys who play in your area and two of which have rich, full neckbeards then it must be weighed against a different system with more variety of players.
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Thank you, sirraleigh, that was exactly what I wanted. I'll check into these games. I see a lot of Dust Tactics at a shop up near my parents, and it looks cool. Read a not so good review about it, but the guy may have just had a bad experience with it.
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if you are into Lego, look at

think warhammer but way less bs, lol.
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You could go oldschool, Timeline LTD's Close and Destroy. Anyone with US military experience that has done sand table exercises has played close and destroy I or II. This company also makes the best tabletop system ever, The Morrow Project.
You may like the game itself more or less, but the hit systems and such blow everything else away. We stole a lot of it to fix D&D in our own games way back when....

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awesome stuff agent Smith,glad you posted that as well.

concerning Dust....I will admit that it's not the strongest ruleset I've ever seen but it's great as you can play a minis board game as dust tactics and if you are looking for a more fluid experience use the dust warfare book for true tabletop.

learning curve is quick...for both systems

plays quickly and $150 will go a LONG way with dust minis especially if you have to build 2 forces.

coreset will set you back $55,another 25-30 for dust warfare book or you could play tactics for awhile and use that for more minis. can't lose in my opinion.

another Ruleset I've played is Two Hour War Games NUTS! and it's weird war offshoot war without end.

these rules are based off the chain reaction system which you can download for free from Their website. I would recommend checking these out before purchase as their game mechanics are a little unusual it's not everyone's cup of tea. however they do allow for solo games which are kind of cool. worth checking out at least.:
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