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BlueDragonX 12-06-2011 09:32 PM

Evolution of a Gargoyle
It's been really quiet in here, so I decided to use this section to photo-document the stages of work I've done and am doing to my Gargoyle.

I picked up Gargoyle #87 used from a fellow MCB member. It came to me as seen below with a freak bored barrel, tri-fluted hammer, open faced TPC, and APP grip panels. Otherwise stock.

It had a few issues. Notably, when I pulled the trigger it would not fire the gun. Instead the valve train and pump handle would move. So I modified the sear accordingly. Also, balls tended to get chopped by the freak kit. So I made the following modifications.

Reprofiled sear...

Tapered freak inserts...

A few weeks later I ordered a few more things. 8" barrel, Hogue palm swell grips, and an RTR Boomerang! These pictures were taken before the Hogues arrived.

And a shot I took of the TPC and hammer while I had the camera out...

I now have the Hogues on bu no pictures. They're incredibly comfy!

I had super_stanchy bore both the adapter and the barrel for freak inserts so that the ball, when chambered, sits in the insert.

Sent it out to Bazooka Boy for anno, and this is where she stands:

BlueDragonX 12-06-2011 09:32 PM

Got it back from BB today (3/10/2012). So lets talk about tolerances. There were a couple of issues.

The first I noticed was he forgot to mask off the steel pin in the trigger frame rail that acts as a cocking rod stop. What remains is a small, ineffective nub. Not a huge issue as the gun functions perfectly, but I am a little disappointed since we discussed it. This is the only issue I would attribute to the anodizer rather than the act of anodizing.

The next thing was that the ano process ate out the threads in the valve for the quick strip screw. BB rethreaded them and provided an insert. I had to cut the insert down a bit to fit properly. Now it works like a charm.

The hole in the trigger for the nylon insert is now larger than it was. It's not a press fit anymore, and you can place the nylon insert into the hole from the top. I thought this may be an issue, but I took a chance on it anyways. Due to the shape of the insert and the trigger frame halves, the insert is effectively captured in the trigger and doesn't go anywhere. I hot-glued it into place so I wouldn't lose it and it doesn't shift around, but I'm looking for a more permanent solution.

Lastly, I believe tolerances on most of the threads are a little off. This is by feel, but things were a bit looser going together. The main one I noticed was I was easily able to thread in the pump handle inserts. They were a real pain to remove, so that's actually a good thing in my mind. The rest of the threads are maybe a bit looser, but not enough to make any difference once they're all tightened down, with one exception. The trigger again - the forward trigger stop was pretty loose. It's the only one I lock-tighted in place during re-assembly.

But, she's all back in one piece and I shot her in the back yard. Holds air, fires, and is smooth as butter. So I'm happy with the outcome! I'll have to take her out and play some games to see how she fairs.

And now for the eye candy!

super_stanchy 12-06-2011 09:42 PM


llaw999 12-06-2011 10:57 PM

That short barrel looks great on the gun. Did the tapered freak insert eliminate the chopping?

I gotta say... of all the guns I've sold, I miss this one the most.

BlueDragonX 12-06-2011 11:01 PM

It works, but it's not the ideal solution. That's coming later :D

lechooch 12-07-2011 01:14 AM

I dislike pistol formats with verticle air. I think you should go with and reverse the boomerang.

Nice gargoyle!!!

BlueDragonX 12-07-2011 01:20 AM

Nah, I like it this way :p

worrptangl 12-07-2011 07:05 AM

I put my 8" barrel on Shadow's purple Garg last night and it looked nice! Then I put his purple barrel on my phantom and it instantly became the epitome of sexy!

shadow_772 12-07-2011 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by worrptangl (Post 2115084)
I put my 8" barrel on Shadow's purple Garg last night and it looked nice! Then I put his purple barrel on my phantom and it instantly became the epitome of sexy!

The short barrel definitely intrigues me. I may look into picking one up for some variety :D

senghing27 12-07-2011 10:39 PM

Hmm, throwing a duckslide on there?
Just throwing that out there.

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