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Strangely enough I did not use the final battle as an opportunity to shoot you Lonewolf, although I did shoot lots of people in the final battle.
Some people are like slinkies......kinda useless but they do make me smile when pushed down the stairs.
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Very fun game guys

Thanks to the Knight Stalkers for all the hard work
They put into this game

Can not wait for the next one
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Hey your from Dundalk? I was raised there. Currently live in moco though
If you want to talk email me.
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Had a great time there. The teams seemed a bit lopsided but it still was fun.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
No one is judge/jury/executioner here.
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
I must have missed that memo

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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
Hey your from Dundalk? I was raised there. Currently live in moco though
Yes sir,

Born, raised and still live in dundalk

Right down the road from DCC and Dundalk high School
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Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
Had a great time there. The teams seemed a bit lopsided but it still was fun.

I guess Alpha and Barney did a really good job of recruiting
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Short history lesson:

Almost a decade ago, some friends and I decided to attend a December paintball game in Bowie, MD. The first Battle of the Bulge was an eye-opening experience, and one that instantly hooked us and had us looking for more. We met a ton of great folks, formed our first real team, the Dead Ringers, and started a rivalry with the home team, the Knight Stalkers. I remember feeling like there would never be another game to match it.

Until Saturday.

Coming full circle and being afforded the opportunity to command such an important game was a true honor. Though the field and players have changed (a LOT), I still see the intensity and fun that drew me deeper to scenario ball all those years ago. To come away victorious is simply icing on the cake.

Now, everyone who knows me knows I have a tendency to ramble, so I will try to make this short.

My teammates on Ambush Alpha: Homer and Merlin, as usual, you gave your all for your commander, which this time just happened to be me. Canít express how grateful I am for your camaraderie and support.

The field and producers: To Rick and the staff of OXCC: thanks so much for all your hospitality and for setting up what I see as the best incentives to commanding. Thanks also for all your tireless work improving the field, your operation, and your overall product. I donít have to tell anyone that OXCC is one of the premiere fields on the East Coast, but the combination of limitless potential and motivated ownership will only see the bar raised for other venues.

My command staff: Most of these folks require no gratitude, and that is why they deserve it. Barney, I stand forever ready to support you in your efforts. Just say the word. To Pete Murphy, I know few who have the understanding and commitment to field command that you do. Again, just say the word and I have your back (unless itís against Barney ). Box from Hell Katz stepped in at the last minute to take a field command left vacant by a convalescing Harbinger (get better, Kev!) and in true form, knocked it out of the park yet again. I will get to Pickles in a minute.

Before I get into thanking the teams who came to support me, I want to call out my award winners:

MVP: Pickles of Assassinís Guild/Joint Fury: Anyone who has worked with Michelle in a command capacity needs no explanation as to why she won MVP in a sea of worthy candidates. Her coolness, perspective and ďget it doneĒ attitude are extremely rare in a game like this, and her willingness to put herself in harmís way in the interest of accomplishing the mission stands out, even amongst the hard-chargers in our sport. She is a truly invaluable asset to any commander, and I feel fortunate to be in a position to recognize what goes unrecognized more often than not these days.

MVT: South Side Killaz (SSK): Even with all of the strong teams we had on the field. The SSK guys and gals stood out for their willingness to go where I wanted, when I wanted, to do exactly what I wanted. They brought back roughly 70% of the props we gathered during the day, and provided the hammer when we needed it. I heard their names constantly from other teams who were in contention for MVT, and that is what clinched it for me.

Now, on to the rest of the fantastic teams and players who came to support me and Barney. It may have seemed odd that I didnít give the requisite ďshout outsĒ to everyone after the game Saturday. Those of you who have commanded probably understand the fear of forgetting someone in a speech like that. Now that I have my notes, I feel more comfortable calling you all out for the great job you did.

To TSSOC, Sprye Bane, Mouthy Mimes, Forefront, Hell Katz, Assassinís Guild, Exiled Souls, PAIN, Sofa Kingdom, Knight Stalkers, SOVA, Tri-State Saints, Crimson Reign, Arch Angels, Team Candy Van, Grave Diggers, Carterís Commando, Hell Katz, Hostile Takeover, Misfit Toys, ISH, Viper 6, NJ Mutiny, Undertakers and anyone I might have missed:

None of this would have been possible without your dedication and tireless efforts on our behalf. Enjoy the win, the rest of your off-season, and your holidays. I canít thank you enough.

Finally, to the Germans:

Bo, as always it was a pleasure just being involved in this with you. You bring a fresh attitude to this game that a lot of us (myself included) could learn from. Please continue to command and develop new teams and players as you and SOV do. It can only be good for our sport and community.

To the German teams: thank you for coming out on such a dreary day to give us a fight. Though it may have seemed otherwise, we never once let our guard down, because we understood all too well the talent and skill that sat opposite us on that field. If we played extra hard, it was because we knew you would, too. Thank you all.

MOFO: Rodney and Eric: your names most often followed cursing and a call for reinforcements. You guys are officially on my radar. Thanks for bringing it.

Finally, I want to say what I always say after these kinds of games. An old scenario vet once gave me a great piece of advice: never gloat about your victories, never quit over your failures. Each game is only practice for the next one. I hope both American and German players will take these words to heart as I have. Winning is great, losing sucks, but itís what you do afterward that counts.

Thanks again to everyone involved, and I will hope to see you all out there soon.

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I had a fun time at the game. I like OXCC's field it gives you the opportunity to maneuvar. The morning did seem alittle lopsided but game on is game on, if you're not ready for the whistle is your own fault. I'm impressed Alpha you even got the team name right. As always a well lead game sir.



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