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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
it is now ofishyolly your fault.
RATS! I NEVER should have opened my mouth...
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Who is showing up today? Trying to get the deck setup but the bunk/grill is locked. Already on location.

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Oh man a few hours at least
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Originally Posted by DashHopes
I'm loving it
It's a house, not McDonald's

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I will be late tonight and probably head straight to the hotel.
Originally Posted by Have Blue View Post
Year-dead post, I invoke my powers of thread-necromancy and command you to rise... RISE!
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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Ya, we had, what, 60 defenders ? Was about 8 to 1 odds by our best guestimate .
I remember that defense. We held it for, what 45 minutes or something? All I know is that I set a record for how many dudes I shot.

Hope everything's good out there!

Andry : )

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Hey Baconater...

Congratulations on commanding a successful defense!!!

To all the naysayers & attackers...

Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
My post was intended to be funnier than it was written
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more gooder
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nice ! I don't think I have ever seen a succesful defense.
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Yes, congratulations Baconater! I am proud to have been part of the defense. We held for the full five hours without losing a single prop out of the castle! The attackers had some good pushes but could not overcome our defenses. Great first time at Spring Castle Conquest.

Thanks to Godsword and my other friends and teammates at the game this year. The friendships we share always make good games into great games!
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Way to go, defenders. You guys brought it. I got on wall 2 a couple of times, but we never got a solid foothold.

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I'm totally commandeering my boyfriend's account for the time being. Lol.
So who wants to see PICTURES from Saturday's game? (I ran around in the red iBite shirt, maybe you remember seeing me)
Anyways, check them out: Castle Conquest XXXV
And please remember, if you are going to use any of my pictures, please give me credit. Thank you. And enjoy.

PS - Excellent job defenders!
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