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Prologix 11-26-2012 04:15 PM

February 23rd, 2013-THE THING III: The Isle of Man-Skirmish, PA
In 2009
Chinese and American Specialists pooled their resources together to search for new sources of oil. Their station was known as Outpost G4. A conflict broke out among everyone stationed there. To this date, nobody knows who pulled the trigger first.
Tensions were high at the North Pole.

In 2011
Chinese and American Special Forces secretly returned to Outpost G4. During their search for answers, they discovered British S.A.S. had already established a campsite to conduct the same investigation.
The S.A.S. campsite was seemingly burned down by the American and Chinese operatives. Although there is no evidence to prove that.
Tensions were high between China and the United States.

THE THING III: Isle of Man
In 2011, British S.A.S. forces rescued wounded survivors prior to the American/China special forces arrival. All injured personnel loaded up onto a transported to the main location of the British Intelligence Committee.

The Isle of Man.
The S.A.S. unknowingly rescued infected survivors. Once again THE THING slowly spreads, working its way across the communities. Harbormasters, constables, and civilians, as well as British Intelligence and Special Operatives are in danger of becoming infected.
Britain needs experienced help. And the only human beings in existence that has experience combating THE THING are the Chinese and American special forces that raided Outpost G4 back in 2011. But there is a problem.
America and China are finally at war.
With two nuclear superpowers destroying each across the globe, Britain will receive no official assistance.
Unofficial assistance is on the way.
The 2011 Special Forces from America and China both disobey their countries orders.
They head towards the last remaining location where THE THING exists, in one final attempt to kill THE THING once and for all. They plot a course for The Isle of Man.

There will be no medals or parades awaiting these men and women when they return. Court martial’s, and charges of treason await those who survive this ordeal. These men and women have gone rogue, disobeying direct orders, in an attempt to save humanity.
“If the infection spreads to the mainland, the approximate time for the infection to take over the entire globe is 27,000 hours.”
The clock is ticking.

Come out and join the excitement, as the most popular and paranoid, scenario trilogy concludes.

Once again America and China will clash.

And once again, something lurks among them. Hiding in plain sight, an imitation of human beings will prey upon them – both body and mind.

THE THING III: The Isle of Man

February 23rd 2013.
Game play is 11a - 4p
5 Hour Scenario
Registration: $24.95 + tax
Scenario priced paint (I believe $79.00+tax)
Field paint only

G-Force’s last scenario game

The THING III’s Command Staff
Commanding China: Box from HellKatz
Commanding the United States: Murdock from the Grave Diggers.

Prologix 11-26-2012 04:16 PM

Here is a rough draft explaining how infections work.

Some players (we are taking volunteers) start infected (THINGS) on both the American side and the Chinese side.
Infected players are against all humans ( both on the American side and the Chinese side) Infected players tend to "lose" props, "fail" on the missions, destroy opportunities to score points, etc.
This is because infected players do not want to see humankind succeed.
Now for the part that makes this game the most paranoid game ever...Infected players (THINGS) can SPREAD the infection to other players.
They will possess palm sized infection cards and anywhere on Skirmish property they can pass some of these cards around and infect other players, making them THINGS as well.
Usually the number of THINGS out to destroy humanity goes up, and the number of humans go down.

This goes on for the entire game.

Pay attention to the first several posts on page one of this thread. As we get closer to game day, the rules for infection, as well as the over all game rules, will get gradually posted.
Something else that will be posted is how to turn those pesky THINGS back human.
And remember if you no one!
I should point out...all infected players should do their best to not get caught!

You already have half the players that day shooting you because you are on the opposite side (Be it China or America)

But if your own side finds out you are infected, you are in for a long day because they will shoot you as well. Why? Because they learned you are no longer human....but instead are one of those THINGS.

So all infected players usually do their best to remain undetected.

Prologix 11-26-2012 04:17 PM

Book on line here
PN Thread
G-force Productions

Prologix 11-26-2012 04:18 PM

We will have maps, yes. Arh designs some quality stuff with those, and it will show the bases, flags, etc.
We will have Pentagon and a few other structure types of challenges on the field.
Player feedback from parts I and II swayed us towards making sure isolation and the ability to lose yourself in the game (For THINGS and Humans) should continue as it did in parts I and II, so that was a priority when we did our walks with JG at Skirmish.
The first THING was nuts, and what a hoot it was. We had snow and 19 degree weather.
The second THING had snow all over the ground and cold winds.
If you've seen the John Carpenter THING, you know those weather conditions were an asset to the game
The cap will be 250 again, correct. At THING II we did up the cap when requests came pouring in about missing and it finished at 284.
Someone said the lower the headcount the better and I agree. The way the players play this one, you get more accomplished with squads of 2-4 opposed to larger groups. (Because of the trust factor)

Prologix 11-26-2012 04:26 PM


General and X.O. usual functions

Lieutenants (2, Generals pick 1 and Skirmish picks 1)
They are third in command. They will be someone with little or no scenario experience.

Doctors: (8 per team, you pick four, and let Skirmish pick four)
They are the teams’ player medics. If they are in the base and are live players, they can heal all eliminated players that report back to the base. This prevents players from having to go to insertion points to tag back in. Doctors cannot heal themselves, but can heal other doctors.

Scientists: (8 per team, you pick four, and let Skirmish pick four)
If they are in the base and is a live player, they can administer THING tests to players BOTH, by manning the portable testing unit (see how infections work) or by manning the base testing unit (once assembled)

Scientists cannot test themselves, but can test other Scientists. (See “How Infections work”)
Only 1 Scientist at a time may man the base testing unit, or the portable testing unit.

Communications Officers (8 per team, you pick four, and let Skirmish pick four)
These individuals will be issued all WTBD news and missions transmitted. These messages are issued to Comm. Officers in the base only. In the event these Comm. Officers are not present, anyone else present will be issued the news updates up to 5 minutes late.

Mechanics (8 per team, you pick four, and let Skirmish pick four)
When/If they are needed, you will know.

Prologix 12-20-2012 05:04 PM

Mission times, game breaks, final battle

Missions and News Updates will be dispatched to base Communications Officers. If a Communication Officer is not present, it will be given to any player that is present, but up to 5 minutes late.

To be absolutely clear:

Make sure you have a Communications Officer present to collect these in a timely fashion. If you do not, your missions will be handed out to the nearest player in the base up to 5 minutes late.

The times these missions are handed out are: 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, and the Final Mission is handed out at 3:30. The game ends at 4:00.

There are no game breaks.

There is no final battle.

There is a final mission at 3:30.

Prologix 12-20-2012 05:14 PM

Props and Flag Stations

Key Area 1: Ronague
Key Area 2: Laxey
Key Area 3: Ballig
Key Area 4: Onchan

All four are worth 1 point every 30 minutes from 11:30 to and including 3:30. All four also will have goodies that may be put in play at each of these times, at each of these flag stations.

Anyone who is present to collect them. If nobody is present, the goodies will be dropped into play for the next player that swings by and seizes them.


Keep Props: Props all players never have to surrender once they possess it

All your personal property, Dynamite, and all paperwork, such as, but not limited to: Missions, news updates, playable cards, laminated cards, clue cards, infection cards, inoculation cards, instructions, testing charge cards, and points cards.


Drop Props: Props all players must surrender if you possess it and get eliminated

Radio transmitters, food crates, water jugs, mannequins, bodies, science lab equipment, Dark Matter, tools, boxes, mutated stuffed animals, Bionicon boxes, normal stuffed animals, science lab equipment, Blue fuel drums, red fuel drums, and anything else that does not fit the description of the props that you do not have to surrender in the Keep Props list above. When in doubt, drop it.

Note this is a partial list that applies to THE THING III. (Some props are surprises and you will see them game day)

Prologix 12-20-2012 05:15 PM

Portable Testing Unit, Base Testing Unit

The Portable Testing Unit, and the Base Testing Unit are the two ways for humans to combat THE THING both on and off the playing field.

Details coming.

Prologix 01-10-2013 05:39 PM

Map is here!

Prologix 01-29-2013 07:30 PM

This small entity team consists of 5 people, led by Grazi. (*YAWN*)
They are anti THING operatives.
Third Entity

Grazi and a small band of hand-picked players represent the Third Entity for this event. (Although it has been pointed out that these guys might be considered the 4th entity if THE THING is considered the third entity)

Their objective all day is to assist on missions and objectives, and help both teams with anything that involves containing, destroying, or killing THE THING. If points are involved in the process, fine. But missions that are not considered ANTI-THING related are of no interest to them.

Unlike normal third entities, these players are not swing teams and prefer to not engage in firefights with China nor America. (Although I can guess this won’t always be the case)

Unlike all other third entities in every other scenario game you ever played that switch sides throughout the day, or try to screw over both main sides…This crew wants to help both sides at all times.

They do not start the game with any points, props or with pulled flag stations. If they end up with any, it is only because they acquired it.

Third Entity guys are subject to the same stuff regular players are:
Infections, Inoculations, being shot and eliminated, shooting people sending them back to tag back in, hanging and pulling down your flags at flag stations, being tested, etc.

Here is a possible example of the third entity and how they might conduct themselves:

Grazi and his company of half wits might decide shooting Chinese players that are not inoculated from going near a flag station or a prop is a good idea, if there is an inoculated player from America that can get there instead.

They might consider the American, who is guaranteed human, a safer bet to touch that flag and grab that prop, than the Chinese player who may or may not be infected.

Another Possible Example:
Grazi and The Jets acquire two props that are used to help build a base testing unit. They hear America already has theirs up and running. China does not. They decide to give both props to China, to help get them a unit up and running, so China can now help weed out THE THING in their ranks.

These are examples. Grazi and the Blowfish might not see the above situations the same way.  Who knows? But they are honorable players and will seek to stop THE THING as their number 1 priority.

They only want to help inoculate players, contain the infection, test every player out there, and destroy THE THING. So if you read your missions, they are pretty clear as to whether Grazi and the E-Street Band will want to get involved, and how they will want to get involved.

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