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June 8-9, Wild West II, Giant Lakeside, Lakeside, CA

West Coast Scenario Productions presents:

Wild West II: Regulators, Mount UP!

June 8-9, 2013

Giant Lakeside, Lakeside, CA

Wild West II
Regulators Mount Up
By James “Skeletor” Davis

A broken sign full of bullet holes rattles against the frame of a wooden building in the wind. The sound of a hawk crying in the distant can be heard as it swoops down to pick up a scorpion creeping from the eye socket of a dead coyote. A tumble weed the size of a wagon wheel bounces through the empty streets of the deserted town that was once known as Lincoln County. After the Southwest Regulators failed to save the citizens from the horde of Outlaws, there wasn’t much left. Any building left standing now reeks of gunpowder and decay. The Outlaws set up shop in the heart of the city as their main base of operations and have been scouring the country side robbing stage coaches, trains, and anyone else unfortunate enough to cross their path.

After the Regulators were run out of town, they were forced to regroup at Fort Danny. A year has passed since the Outlaws used the uncontrollable power of the four horsemen to take over the town. After the confederacy caught wind of this super natural force of power, they sent reinforcements to Fort Danny. They say the reinforcements were sent to help take back the town, but something just didn’t set right with their story. But anyone willing to help take arms against the Outlaws was a welcomed cavalry in the eyes of the Regulators. The Confederates have brought with them this new tek-nol-logy. They call it a tell-e-graph and they say it will help with the fight. It lets them talk to each other at long distances. Just lets bad news travel faster if you ask me. The Outlaws are low on food and water which makes this a prime opportunity to strike back and take back Lincoln County. With the Confederacy on their side, the Regulators are ready to mount up and send them toothless dirt bags back to hell.

What side will you join on June 8th and 9th at Giant Paintball Barona? Will you mount up with the Regulators and help them take back Lincoln County? Or will you join the Outlaws and wipe out the law once and for all?

West Coast Scenario Productions is proud to announce the follow up to our highly successful 24-hour scenario event from last year with “Wild West II: Regulators! Mount Up”, a western themed scenario paintball event!

This will be a two-day event, hosted at the beautiful fields of Giant Paintball Lakeside in San Diego, CA June 8-9, 2012.

Giant Lakeside will have available tent and RV camping for the whole family. All players will be entered into our Sunday raffle for opportunities to win some of the best gear from event sponsors such as Tippmann Sports, Spyder, Tiberius Arms, AirSplat, Voodoo Tactical, and more!

“Wild West” is a role-playing game that will feature roles such as snipers, medics, engineers, demo experts, and more. Points that are accumulated by accomplishing missions determine the winning team. Each team is lead by a general that is hand selected by WCSP whose role will be to lead their army to victory!

Registration includes admission for both days, compressed air or CO2 for the weekend and RV or tent camping for Friday and Saturday night.

Registration is $100 at the door, but register online by May 10 and your admission will be $65 for the weekend! Registrations after this date will be $80 until June 2, 2013.

Current and prior military registration is $55 for the weekend but must be done online! Proof of service such as Active or reserve ID, DD 214, or VA ID must be presented on the day of the event in order for WCSP to honor this special price.

This is a BYOP event!

For more information and to register early, please For more information on Giant Paintball Lakeside, please visit Giant Paintball.

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Tippmann Sports will once again be sponsoring the "Wild West High Noon Draw" contest! One lucky winner will bring home an awesome Tippmann TiPX pistol! WCSP will be selecting 16 random players from the first 50 players that register early. There are still plenty of spots left, but you are encouraged to register now for your opportunity to win this great pistol package!

Register now at Welcome to West Coast Scenario Productions
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First post has been updated with the events storyline
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Thanks Gadget!!

please feel free to ask me any questions about rules or game format.
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In a rematch of last years event, WCSP is proud to announce the "Wild West" Generals.

Leading the John Kinney Outlaws is Randy “Sapper” Kodar of the SoCal Outlaws Scenario Paintball Team:

“As the Captain of Team Outlaws, I have been lucky enough to lead a group of misfits that play with their heart and with honor. I have been playing paintball for 10 years starting out with some friends in the woods, then going on to play scenarios in all over Southern California. I have a successful track record of 4-0 as general. I prefer to send my team on missions and into firefights that are best for the game. I have 5 and a half years of Marine Corp small unit tactics experience. I prefer to lead from the front but will stand back and let the teams do their job in order to make sure that the overall mission comes first."

Randy "Sapper" Koder
Team Outlaws

Leading the Lincoln County Regulators is Gary “DeeLux” Dunham of the Southwest Regulators Scenario Paintball Team:

“As an original member of the Southwest Regulators, I have risen within the ranks to become Captain and 2nd in command of the team. I’ve lead the REG's to multiple awards during my 8 years of Scenario Paintball and assisted in motivating and organizing players outside the REGs as needed. The creed I follow is to play with honor, integrity and the spirit to which it was intended while having fun and playing safe paintball."

Gary “DeeLux” Dunham
Southwest Regulators
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