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Walking Dead charity scenario at Boss Paintball 03 Aug

Boss Paintball in Geneva NY is hosting a Walking Dead charity scenario on Aug 03 2013 that will benefit "Guns for Hoses" a Non profit family run organization that donates proceeds from paintball events and raffles to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Geneva is located between Rochester and Syracuse NY ( much closer to Rochester) just off the NY thruway ( Rt 90).
the Outlet Mall us just up the road.

Boss Paintball Products

General Rules

The Human Team will be lead into battle with a greater number of players than the Walker team. This ratio will be determined as registered numbers are more apparent(2 to 1 is most likely).


Games will be 35 minutes in length with respawn at the 10 minute mark. This unique game play will consist of both teams trying to eliminate one another. The significant difference is during the zombie apocalypse, if a zombie gets you, you turn into a zombie. Thatís exactly what happens here. All eliminated human players will respawn as zombies at the 10 minute respawn mark. They will be put back into the game next to the zombie hoard to continue the assault on their former teammates. There is only one way to stop this. Humans must find the required number of supplies/props on the field and hand them in to a referee.This is the only way the props may be "cashed in" for points. If this is completed the refs will announce it to all live players and control of the respawn will be given to the humans to reinforce their survival. The Walkers cannot touch or move the props on the field, only guard them from the Humans. Different props are worth different points:

Water jug: 5 points
Food crate: 10 points
Fuel can: 15 points

25 points must be acquired to control a respawn. Once 25 points is gained, the points reset and apply to the next respawn.

The Humans win the round if they survive. The Walkers win the round if they destroy the humans. Most rounds wins the day.

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Bump up.
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Game is this weekend
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