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I had a good time beside the rain.

agentsmith Repo could not make it. It was me and welt that played the 2v2 and my roommate ed was the other damage guy. It was a blast.

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I've not missed monster game since before 2000,
I find that there are never very many people in the back field, this has not changed and remains my favorite part of the field. I often find the same people wrapped up in shenanigans silently flanking away from the masses, like Mad or Mr. big.

The highlights of this game i can put into three points.

1. Objectives, don't forget the chain.

2. Fighting for the briefcase in the grinder.

3. The pain train, the first and last haywagon tank of 30 unshielded shooting players, this will probably never be repeated.
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Hey Tinman we met on Sunday, This just was not the game I remember the whole thing as a whole. I will be at TWC I hope its gonna be a good one from the world team.
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My apologies Leperchaun, names are more than I can handle, handles are even harder to handle!
I gotta get out more....

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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
I got to hang out with the Renegade contingent for a bit, as always on the field they somehow triplet out so that everywhere you look, there's a Riverside Renegade on the front line!
Thanks! Always great to work in the front lines, now if we could just others to agree with us

We had a good time, even though our numbers are way down in attendance also, just 6 of us up this year (ten years ago we had 40+).

I'm of mixed opinions on the missions from this year. The complete lack of distributing information about them before the event just made it something to figure out while we were playing. If they publish the actual rules and changes a couple weeks before it would have been a little better. The whole nuking/bombing should have been explained beforehand in particular.

Rain. Well it sucked. In the past it usually just rains during lunch. On a plus side, this was probably the lowest temperatures I've played the Monster game in. Down side was the extra fogging. I didn't have much issue with paint breaking in the gun due to humidity, but accuracy was way down (evil and marbs), due to water in the barrel (I was getting huge fog clouds from HPA).

On a plus side, running a 1200psi into the RT valve on my Automag resulted in an easy 20 BPS (verified over the chrono). It's amazing how much psychological impact on teammates this has when you stand up, hold the trigger down, and walk forward blazing in the grinder. (It also eats through paint and makes me smile)

Overall not a great game (weather had a major impact here), but I had fun. Great shooting all sides.
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