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I would like to thank all of you guys for all the solid ballin and laughs over the last 3+ years. But I have to say I am hanging up my section8 jersey. I will continue to see you guys at some outlaw ball and big games. I have come to realize I enjoy "SIMPLE" paintball. No drama and double standards. Ricky "The EGO" Jones
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I play pump because I'm a masochistic bastard who gets his jollies from being outgunned but not outplayed.

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It's easy for people to think they are an all knowing pump player when your behind a keyboard. And nobody wants to be politically incorrect when giving advice on the forums, for everyone to criticize and judge, So I think the individuals speak with a little more pride than usual, because they want their peers to respect there opinion(s). I love playing pump, And if your pumping before you shoot, I don't give a **** whats in your hand, your family.
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Ricky, I hate to see you go. I had hoped everyone could talk things out (person to person) and avoid anyone leaving or any more hurt feelings.

Hope to see you around.


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Take care and hope to see you at PBC sometime.
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It was a pleasure to play along side with you, take care and I hope to see you around.

P:S: please let me know by PM when would you like to get together for the barrel swap.


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Just smooth and easy like a toothless hooker!

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Ricky: I've given this considerable thought and spoken to Sean and Caribou at length. I'm done too. The trolls / drama queens killed pbjunkie, seriously monkeyed up the last few PBC games, and have eroded what remained of the Scenario Brotherhood to the point of embarrassing impotence. I just don't see the travel ball community that once was in SC. IMO, it is dead, and what remains is going down hill. I do not care to be a part of the bastard version of what remains of the old travel ball community - it is infested with guys that stack the sides, crap in towers, punch out their teammates, and spend night and day trolling the internet to make themselves feel important. like I said - infested.

And now (for God only knows what reason) the trolls seem obsessed with messing with me through my friends at Hell Valley and members of Section8. Until Section 8 grows a pair and takes a stand against these *** clowns I'm going to leave my jerseys hanging in the closet.

Effectively immediately I declare myself a free agent. I wanted to do this years ago. I guess its long over due.

Trolls win, again.

Ricky, Patty, Wilson: If you think the trolls will leave Section8 alone I ask you reconsider your recent decisions. Section8 is still a fine group of guys and IMO troll & dbag free.

David H, Shake: I know you guys love trolling our boards. Have a nice day.
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Please don't let this get out of hand.

Keep the drama off MCB or silliness will ensue.

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TF's MCB Trust.
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