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KP/P68 conversion candidate?

So, I picked up a neat old brass Benjamin (not Benjamin and Sheridan) pump/bolt action air rifle, for nothing. It's a model 1300. It's non-functional, with a little barrel separation, but the parts are all there. It's at least as old as 1983, based on the old sticker stuck to the stock, but I suspect much older. It looks like the blue streak style stock, but the trigger group looks a bit different. So, I'm thinking about making a KP/Piranha rifle. I'm enclosing pics, so you can take a good look at it, inside the stock and out. I'm hoping the conversion experts here can give me some insight as to whether this is a simple drop-in conversion, or if there are any specifics that need to be done to prep it first. And, if it looks like the trigger group can be used at all. Worst case scenario, I have a neat piece of vintage brass to hang on the wall, representing a predecessor to the sheridan line. Thanks folks!

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Not practical to convert this type. The valve must be replaced to operate on co2. You might as well replace the whole lower tube. Then why use the trigger, or any other part. The stock could be used, but it would have to be cut to fit a K or P series.
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The stock is a maybe, if the gun and trigger group doesn't match exactly you can bed it in a little bondo put into the stock, then sand it smooth and paint the bondo flat black. Then finish the stock with a nice stain and you won't ever notice the patching material.

The trigger is an intergral part of the rifle assembly, I don't know how it could work. A KP style trigger group is mounted on a plug that goes into the back of the lower tube, and it would work fine on your pistol. You might have to adjust the length of the sear (I used a dremel tool to do one once) Just don't cut off too much. Springing can be tricky, too.

If you are really handy, you can buy a KP style plug with no parts on it, and adapt the trigger you have to it, or make a new trigger. Mac 1 has a box full of them in the back of the parts room. Ask Tim and say "pretty please". I don't think he would want much for one. Or buy a used trigger group for it.

Good luck, the stock looks nice. Peter
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