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Disparity in Accuracy/Barrel Quality?

Hey guys, I've always though PGP's are just damn sexy markers, and I'm looking to buy one. I've been trying to decide between a PGP and a PGP2k1, and I was wondering if any of you could shed some light on something I've heard.

I've heard on more than one occasion that the original PGP's were more accurate than the PGP2s. Whether it is because of barrel quality, overspray, etc, I have no idea. Is there anyone who owns or has owned both types of PGP, who can speak to this? Quality wise, is there a huge difference between the two (besides the plastic parts on the 2k1?)

I ask because I'm willing to shell out the extra money to make an original PGP nice (RVA, quick change, etc), if it's really going to be a better shooter than it's younger brother. Otherwise I'll just try to snag up a 2k1, and not have to bother buying those parts.

Thanks guys, and I must say that the Sheridan picture thread is one of the prettiest galleries on this site.
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I don't think there is a noticeable difference in accuracy between the two. If I were to buy one now, it would be a 2k1 for all the nice features, like you mentioned, provided you could find one of the upgrade "pusher" bolts.

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I have shot both and cannot say I noticed any difference in accuracy between them. Both shoot very well.
the plastic bits on the newer version are crap. They break rather easy(Atleast mine did).
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As long as you clean out the barrel of overspray, it doesn't matter. I liked the pgp better for the reason that it is shorter, if you going to use a small marker might as well get the smallest one.
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I've never noticed an accuracy difference at all. I prefer the original PGP's mainly because I'm not a fan of cartridge valves. I definitely don't think there's a performance difference.

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