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starting a KPMI project...

...well actually it'll be a KP68 I guess since the platform will be my p68

I just got the trigger pictured here on ebay:

Uploaded with

I am looking at a nice stock currently, my question is if the trigger group will fit it. in the following pictures the stock that I am looking at getting is the dark red colored one with the trigger guard attached:

my concern is that the stock that I am looking at has a square cutout behind where the back of the marker will be rather than a pointed one like the lighter colored one (that is not the stock I am looking at getting)

any help appreciated!

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If I didn't play pump I wouldn't play, simple as that.

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The darker one is for the newer style trigger group. With some modifications it may work with the older trigger group you have, but it will not just drop in perfectly.
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I would suggest that you assemble trigger to marker and drop in to see actual fit. It looks to me that all you might need to do is run a 3/4" dowel with sandpaper to radius trigger end of stock (dark one). Might need a little filler at the notch thou. I also think you will have to notch left side for the 1/8" nip air fitting as per a typical kp stock. Make sure the mouting hole will line up or you will have to redrill that. Good luck with your build. I have built a few of these so if you need any help feel free to pm me anytime and Ill do my best to help. One more thing, if you drill and tap the trigger block at the side like pps does you will have a adjustable rva. If you dont than you will have to take marker apart to adjust the spring tension.
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