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my PMI-1 gets freshened up ....

Hi folks. OK so I've had this little guy for probably close to 7 years. last used it maybe 2 years ago so it was gummed up solid and generally useless when I checked it this evening. After finally forcing the bolt back I decided a full cleaning was in store. This PM-1 is pretty unusual in that it has been converted to gravity feed. Anyway heres she is after breaking everything down and a good cleaning.

This is the interesting bit. Appears to be a custom gravity feed adaptor. It slides over the top tube and lines up with the feed hole. This was the first time i removed it so the was quite a bit of 20 year old paint holding it on there, as well as 6 set screws (none of which were stripped). It is really well made and if anyone knows anything about it, id love to hear it.

and installed...

new Teflon for these ancient connections...

And finally, replaced the old phillips head grip frame screws for the some new allen headed bits.

and back in the fire she goes...

Its so nice to have a Relic in your gearbag just to make the kids say "WTF is that old piece of junk!" and then you get to gogg them with it. Last I remembered it was shooting slow but I think ill add some washers to the spring seat or try and track down a new spring real soon.

I'm really just interested to see if anyone has seen this gravity feed setup before. It is set up like its meant to have a scope mounted to it also (similar to all the silly mil-sim setups with flashlights and lasers and GPS and direct TV mounted to them. Any info on that would be awesome.


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That is a 68 magnum model, they came out in 1988 after the PMI-1 but before the Piranha LB & SB. | PMI - Sheridan 68 Magnum

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^^Yep what he said.

Nice magnum, play with it more, the pump stroke will smooth out.
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ahh, yes I shouldve mentioned the 68 magnum printed on the barrel. So will this work with the PMI-1 velocity adjuster that Palmers offers? or is there any other VA that i could buy. It was only shooting 240ish last time I went out with it.

Thanks for the replies. Cant believe i didnt hop on these forums years ago. I like it here.

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no, the pmi-1 adjuster replaces the back cap on guns without the backbottle adapter like on yours. I don't know if Palmer's makes a backbottle RVA other than for their new guns. You could give them a call, though. Cooper-T adapters might have an RVA, those would be found used on here. Otherwise, you'll just have to shim your springs.

Alternatively you could run the side tap fitting to a remote or bottomline, in which case that PMI-1 adjuster will work just fine.
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