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Lost tiny pin, help?

I lost the little silver rod that goes through the brass tube of my Sheridan KP to hold the trigger group in place. Any time I pump now (without stock on) it pops the group off.

This isn't really urgent, as I can use it just fine with the stock on. Just wondering where I could get a replacement at.
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I'm pretty sure you can get by with a nail that you have shortened with a dremel tool. I don't remember the diameter... sorry. But if your at the hard ware store you might as well pick up a rod of the appropriate sized steel rod and make a hand full of pins.

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I am pretty sure those pins are 1/8" pins.
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yes 1/8 pins wich just happens to be the same size as many dremel accessories shafts, I have cut a few up.
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I just picked up a bunch of 1/8 dowell pins for my buddy from the local Nuty Bolt outlet..Most towns have Nut ,Screw and Bolt emporiums..And a nail works fine too..
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