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K2 Valve Removal

I have been trying to fix a pressure loss on my K2, it would shoot the first shot of a 12 gram fine but after time it would shoot drastically low. I picked up a Palmers seal kit and am trying to install it today. I got the trigger group and the hammer out but The valve nut wont move more than a quarter turn using the valve tool. There is a pringle headed screw blocking it. That screw connected to the long nut that connected to the stock mount screw. Right now I can only think of using a pair of pliers to twist the pringle screw into the tube and out, but that sounds like a bad idea to me.
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With my KP, I had to do that once... Lets just say, putting the valve back in required putting it in, then 5-15 minutes of screwing with the screw to get it back in the hole around the valve.

Its possible, but its a serious headache. I'd recommend avoiding it if you can.
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That Pringle screw is a PITA to put back in. I've taken it out twice. The first time it fell right in place (so I figured that was the norm). The second time it took me about 15 minutes of bouncing it around in the tube (and two beers) until it finally fell in place. Good luck man,

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Boy oh boy, who invented the pringle screw anyways, geesh! I had to make sure the right side was pointed back too.
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It's been a couple years, but when I was working on a K2 last, I was able to pull the valve without removing that screw. All i did was replaced the coupler and hand tightened it down. Seemed to work fine. Did a complete valve rebuild and everything went back in without problem. Try it out.
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I was messing around with that K2 with Teek (at least if Teek is who I think) and the Pringle looked deformed. I think they are fine stock, but once people screw em up, they are a PITA. Maybe there's some way to reshape it?
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If you are handy with a torch and hard solder you can always braze it to the outside of the gun and be done with worries of removal of the pringle screw.

What I have done in the past if all methods of farting around aren't working (dental pick, long screwdriver, etc) is I will put a tiny loop of duct tape on the tip of a dowel or screw driver and stick the pringle nut on that... guide it into the lower tube and into it's hole. While still holding the pringle nut in place either screw in the stock retaining screw or just grab the pringle nut and pull your screw driver/duct tape tool out of the tool... just don't let it fall back into the lower tube, because they you get to rinse and repeat.

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