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First post, need help reassembling PGP 2k1

Hey everyone,
I hate to have my first post here be a desperate cry for help, but I have to. I bought a PGP 2k1 yesterday off a guy on craigslist for $30. It worked upon taking it home, but when I took it apart to lube it up, I started having issues.

At first my issues were my fault, like I put the silver thing in backwards, etc. Upon looking at the manual, i have everything reassembled correctly, to my knowledge.

My issue arises when i put a co2 cartridge in. When I go to tighten the knob, I have to use a screwdriver for some reason. When i do this, I dont ever hear a pop immediately. When I go to pump it, I no longer hear the second click, only the first. I think by me tightening the co2 knob, it pushes something out of place to where the sear doesn't catch on the trigger. How can I fix this, and why is my Co2 cartridges not puncturing?!?

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PGP's are all shot to puncture ... the 12g will puncture on the first shot. If you are using a screwdriver to tighten it you've tightened it too much. just tighten it snug, cock it, and shoot to pierce the 12g.
if I'm understanding you right you've lost the double click while cocking (as the sear slide over the machined section, but it doesn't actually cock fully) ... have you adjusted the RVA? if so try backing it out some. Due to the design of the internals, you can actually prevent proper cocking function if the RV A is adjusted too much, or if the rear cap is in too far (turn it in just enough to get the rear grip frame screw in).
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Thanks for the quick response.

Yeah, I didn't know if they were supposed to puncture through the first shot, or just by tightening it. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I assume the RVA is the velocity adjustment cap, and if so, yeah I backed it out almost all the way. I hadn't thought about how many times to turn the cap! I put the trigger frame back on with the RVA backed away a little bit and I think that fixed it. Now when I pump it, it appears to go all the way back, even though there aren't two definate clicks, just one. The first is really faint.

But I still can't seem to puncture the co2 canisters. It worked yesterday, I dont understand....
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You need to get it to click the second time. Do this..
- Take out the rear grip frame screw
- Unscrew the RVA assembly 1 full turn
- put the rear frame screw back in

Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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I have officially fixed the two clicks problem through a combination of the two posts above.

Now, the issue is, that the gun wont pierce the co2 canister. I look into the tube while shooting, and I dont even see the little piercing tip come out. Anyone have any idea what this is about? The co2 canisters are a few years old as well. Does this have anything to do with it?
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Alright, got it to work! Just had to lube up the valve a little bit, and loosen up the spring and presto! Fires amazingly!

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also - while this is about the old pgp, not the 2k, the construction is quite similar, so you might want to check out this video (a real gem - kudos to the guy that uploaded it, and does anyone have the full vid?):

PGP Maintenence from 1987 paintball video - YouTube
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