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Sheridan XTSE Nemesis

For those who don't know, the Sheridan XTS was a mech semi-auto "blowback" style marker. It came out around the time I started playing (mid-late 90s) and was my first paintball gun. The nemesis was an upgraded version with a foregrip and longer/ported barrel and better paint job, AFAIK. Maybe a better bolt too. Features of my particular marker were a splash green anno on a silver body, an expansion chamber (the "E" in XTSE), and a 14" barrel. It also field-strips pretty quickly compared to most guns I've run across. I've heard these guns are like old tippys but Im pretty sure they break down and go back together much more easily. I love how idiosyncratic this thing is.

The first gun I owned had some issues, I sent it back to Sheridan and got one in return with a slightly different anno pattern (darker green, less green w/ more silver, and the barrel color doesn't quite match the body), so I figure it was a different gun and they didn't just repair mine and send it back. So it's not "technically" my actual first marker... but I digress..... I was a little disappointed about that but oh well.

I can shoot pretty fast with this thing, I'm guessing around 8-9bps. The trigger pull is surprisingly nice for this type of marker, definitely can outshoot a gravity hopper. I used to use a 12v revvy with this baby.

Man, I'm surprised how little I can find about this thing on the internet now. Barely any pictures even. I wish I saved the old ad from some paintball newspaper that made me want this so badly. It was a sleek lookin' piece of work.

I'm gonna break it out again soon, after it sat in the closet for at least 5 years! Hoping it will do well!


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Cool! I love weird old guns.
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I remember seeing a local Trader Horn (kinda like Trader Joe's I guess) selling these new as well as PGP 2k's. I wanted an XTS so bad. I wish I could track one down. Especially a Nemesis like yours! Great looking gun!
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Yeah it is pretty good lookin.

It seems like they pop up on ebay or the forums BST very occasionally.
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