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Just got a beat up old PGP

A buddy of mine was moving and couldnt take it with him. Its an old shortbarrel version (forget the proper name)

Ill take pics probably tonite but its beaten up pretty bad.

Id like to take the time to restore it and send it back to him as a suprise gift (after I use it a few times ofcourse)

Basicly this is my first brass and being a brass virgin I dont have the slightest idea how to restore this things properly.

The frame seems fine trigger pull is real smooth and it looks suprisingly clean compared to the rest of the gun....its just the plate so Ill try to find a cheap shoe for it bc as is it doesnt feel that great on your finger.

The body is covered in years of paint and other greasy build up I gave it a good scrub with soap and water to try and degrease it however I didnt know if there were any more effective ways.

I pulled the bolt out without shooting my eye out with thoes bolt locking bearings lol. Again covered in years of gunk. Also the bolt oring is a VERY tight fit in the barrel so Im not sure if thats normal or its swollen.

I dont think the pump is original it seems to be a gnurled aluminum pump thats blue black in the color Cleaned the crap out of that aswell.

My main issue right now is the pump stroke is complete garbage. Is that because of the bearings? The bolt oring being swolen (i realize this needs to be a good seal or i will lose massive fps)? After the soap and water i gave it a healthy glow of goldcup and it still pumped like junk.

Also whats the right way to take the pump arm out of the bolt. The pump arm was already bent a little from sombody just pulling it out the side so I didnt feel bad doing it again but after I get it strait I wanted to do it right lol.

If the rest of it looks this bad I imagine the valve is probably pretty ugly aswell. I understand you need a tool to remove it. Is it worth it to get my hands on one or is it somthing that doesnt get out of tune.

Also its missing the back cap to the feed that somthing easily obtained?

Also no idea if it even holds air....i believe I have some 12grams but I gotta figure out where.

Thanks for any input I expect this to be a fun one.
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The proper name is just a pgp, the long barrel version is a pgp2k.
My Pmi-1 has clipped bearings, much smoother pump stroke.
The pump is probably original, The really old ones have knurled pump handles.
Your pulling out the handle alright, I just pull mine out.
The valve is probably ok, just air it up and see, if you need a tool Titus has them I think.

Um the back cap might be a problem, but PPS has some of theirs for sale, and more than likely you could find one on here. | PMI - Sheridan PGP
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Like Bow said, you probably have one of the older PGP's with the knurled pump handles. I like those. Warm water and soap take care of the paint nicely. The bolt o-ring might be toast, or it might just need some lube when you reinsert it. Depending on how long the marker has sat or been used, you might want to replace all the seals, not a hard job (if you have the valve tool) and then you know everything is working the way it should. MaD here on MCB has (or at least had) seal kits...if not PPS has them. Titus has valve tools. Back caps.....not sure what I have in my stock left.....if you post a WTB thread here, someone has one for you is my guess.

You should have some good fun with that beauty.

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