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Paintball Diameter

Hey everyone,

Im the new guy around here and Im happy I stumbled upon the site. I have been playing Paintball for over 25 years. I still remember when we only used to wear Wood shop style goggles and the "woodstock" face mask was only worn to promote ventilation so the goggles wouldnt get fogged up. And when a direct feed PGP was controvercial in a "stock" game. I think i just showed how old I am.

Anyways , I stll have my stock PMI , KP2 Rifle and PGP , all in perfect condition.
My only problem is that most of the paint Im shooting now have a smaller diameter so I get inconsistent shoots due to bore size. Does anybody have a solution paint wise or Gun wise ?

thank you all
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There are a few simple routes you can go to prevent rollouts.

-The tape/nail polish method is where you take either a piece of tape or dot of nail polish and stick it in the inside of the barrel, just in front of the bolt, in front of where the ball sits. This leaves a little bump, restricting the bore just a bit keeping the paintball in place. It essentially acts in the same way as an autococker detent.

-You can also send your gun to palmers where you can get "wedgits" installed. This is where they take a punch, and do essentially the same thing as the nail polish mod, but they actually punch the barrel itself so that it deforms into a little bump

-A more complicated option is to rebarrel your gun yourself or send it in to someone to rebarrel it in a smaller bore. The member "tymcneer" on here sells small bore brass tubing for projects such as this.

These can all help with consistency because it will stop any partial rollouts you might get, though the rebarreling option will net you the best efficiency.
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Thank you sniper. Ill have to try to contact this "tymcneer" sounds like that is the best route to take. Hopefully he is reasonable since I have 3 and possibly more guns to convert.
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