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KP2 CA back to 12g's?

I just picked up a KP-2 last week and it was modded for CA. It was drilled and tapped into the body and then the brass tube inside was drilled.

I want to turn it back to use 12g and the only thing I could think of is just taking it apart and replacing the brass drilled tube with a stock one.

The other thing I'm stuck with is this CA setup. There's a fitting in the body that was wielded but broke off. This fitting is connected to another one but the stock is sandwiched in between. I broke the wield when trying to take it all apart.

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From the location it looks to be drilled directly into the valve. Depending on how they did it, might be possible to just put a plug in there.

If that screw just spins around, best bet would be to just drill the head off.

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Converting to 12 grams is the easy part. Getting more than 10 shots off a 12 gram is the real work. Your gun has a really nice playable setup...don't convert it unless you can deal with either doing a full valve job, or living with KP efficiency.
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Anyone know what springs I can use? What's a full valve job? I tinker for fun. This is my first Sheridan and will probably collecting more too.
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mighty nice k2, wouldn't be hard to go back to bolt action, and for a change no one cut the stock class feed off. i agree, shouldn't be hard to go back to 12vie's, need a valve tool, gut it, sweat out the c/a fitting, reassemble and plug the bottom tap... only other thing to worry about is what they used to plug the front...
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looking for: working ATS preferably with straight asa, brass sheridan donors/bits, vert feed micromag/ule body, green/camo SP wood grips for cf frames

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I was thinking the same and cut the fitting. Also its just an old 12g in it. I'm getting bottom tube inners soon for replacement.
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