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converting pgp to HPA?

Firstly i should say i'm new to Sheridans, so please ge easy on me . I have a PGP which i want to convert to constant air via a 13ci air tank/macro line set up. I have seen dummy 12gs which allow exterior air sources to be used, but could someone explain the reason, and i assume there is one, that the whole of the bottom tube could not be pressurised instead ? For example- drill and tap the co2 cap to accept 1/8 npt fittings and run air directly through it?
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You would probably get a leak around the front frame screw. A better option would be to get a CA adapter since they don't pressurize the chamber.
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Just go with a dummy 12g its easy and if done right looks great.
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To pressurize the lower tube you would have to some how seal the nutsert for the front frame screw, and fit a o-ring on the 12g plunger. Then you would have to install some sort of bleed system so you can degas the tube when you need to. It would be hard to seal the nutsert.
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